A Clockwork Origin

  • Season 6, Ep 9
  • 08/12/2010

The theory of evolution is put to the test on a planet inhabited by robots.

Item one: duck!

(Bender groans)

Cubert, youcrapscallion!

Why aren't you in school?

I couldn't get pastthe protestors.

A bunch of smiling,angry people

were handing out theseanti-evolution flyers.


Evolution is under attack

in our schools?!

To the Science Mobile.

You mean the ship?

Yes.The Science Mobile.

It's just that you've nevercalled it that before, but okay.

I don't understand evolution,

and I have to protect my kidsfrom understanding it!

We will not give into the thinkers!

(applause and cheering)

You people are as loudas you are ignorant.

Now get back on your turniptrucks and go home!

(crowd booing)

That is an insultingly accuratestereotype, sir!

As a professor of science,I assure you

that we did, in fact,evolve from filthy monkey-men!

I cannot speakfor you, sir,

but my ancestorswere not monkeys.

They were orangutans.

Hard-working,patriotic orangutans.

Dr. Banjo?

In the fur.

And I remind you that evolutionis merely a theory,

like gravity,or the shape of the Earth.


Hey, Professor,I'm a flying spaghetti monster.

You seriously believeI'm descended

from some kindof flightless manicotti?


Nothing like a cave fora good night's sleep.

So what do we got to eat that'snot poisoned with pineapple?

I packed plentyof food, but it's all in

dehydrated pill form.

Then we need waterfrom that pond.

We'll have to fight ourway past the trilobots.

Go! Go!

Hit anything that moves!

(overlapping chatterand grunting)

Ow! Ow! Ow!


(all gasping)


AMY: A whole forestgrew overnight.

(hollow clank)

All these trees are robotic.

I can't believehow quickly they sprung up.

I can.

Robots do everything faster,including evolving

and believinghow quickly things spring up.

One thing aboutBristol-Myers-Squibb--

they know howto cook a steak.

FRY:Hey, look at me.

I'm the Tidy Bowl Man.

I own a yacht,and everybody poops on me!

(laughs a goof laughand mutters)


Help! Police!

Everybodygrab a club.

(all grunting)

(robo-plesiosaur grunts)


big, tough water guy,why don't you come

up here onland and...?

(robo-T-rex roars, Fry screams)

Look out for the next thing!

(robo-T-rex roars, Fry screams)

Great Scott,

a tricycle-tops.



Throw down,dinosaurs of the land and sea.



This is a coolway to die...!