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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Season 1 - Episode 01011   |   Aired: 01/22/2014   |   Views: 34,071   |   Comments:

Sean O'Connor, Annie Lederman and Julian McCullough create new extreme sports for the X Games, answer autocorrected texts from moms and celebrate Guy Fieri's birthday.


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Best of the Week of 6/2/14

Season 1 - Episode 00010  |   Aired: 06/06/2014  |   Views: 3,371

The comedians name chapters from terrible books featured on Amazon, toast a couple who made an odd wedding choice and create ridiculous BuzzFeed-style lists.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Season 1 - Episode 01074  |   Aired: 06/05/2014  |   Views: 24,912

In this special extended episode, Paul F. Tompkins, Heather Anne Campbell and Brett Gelman list #ElderlyNBA players and teams and caption weird engagement photos.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Season 1 - Episode 01073  |   Aired: 06/04/2014  |   Views: 12,361

Arden Myrin, Bobby Lee and Timothy Simons guess which shocking message appeared on an Alabama billboard, #RedneckASong and list terrible things to say at a funeral.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Season 1 - Episode 01072  |   Aired: 06/03/2014  |   Views: 15,178

Kristen Schaal, Max Silvestri and Nick Thune guess which Kim Kardashian portrait got the most views on deviantART, name #SexyFoods and list chapters for awful books on Amazon.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Season 1 - Episode 01071  |   Aired: 06/02/2014  |   Views: 17,267

Alison Rosen, Greg Proops and Dana Gould find out about a porn reality competition series, #RuinARealityShow and come up with classes for a professor with a unique look.