Time Keeps on Slippin'

  • Season 3, Ep 14
  • 01/31/2008

The crew is responsible for a rift in the time/space continuum.

Diverting chronotons ismathematically impossible.

I knew I should have checked

your showboatingGlobetrotter algebra.

Man, I thought you knew thatalgebra was all razzmatazz.

A Globetrotteralways saves the good algebra

for the final minutes.

( Bender laughing )

VintageBubble Gum!

The time skipsare worse than ever now.

Isolated spots are jumpingby years at a time.


Stupid senior citizens.

Why should wehave to pay for

their SocialSecurity Benefits?

I deserve free money!

Well, I'm stumped.

We'll have to call on

the finestscientific mindsin the univ...

Perhaps we could explodethe whole damn nebula.

What do you think,Curly Jo?

No, man, an explosion

big enough todestroy that mother

would take outhalf the universe.

You got toGlobetrotter

that explosion upa little, Farnsie.

Make it an implosion.

By God, Sweet Clyde is right.

An implosionmight just form a black hole

that would stopmore chronotons from escaping.

Whoa, slow that brain traindown, Prof.

We'd need some kind ofdoomsday device

to initiatean implosion like that.

Doomsday device?

Ah, now the ball'sin Farnsworth's court.

I suppose I could part with oneand still be feared.

Gimme some skin, Prof.

I'm making youan honorary Globetrotter.

In fact,everybody in this room's

an honorary Globetrotter.

Yay!I'm a Globetrotter!

Did you just say...

Too late, Hot Plate.

Ah, crap.

We must leave now

for we are neededelsewhere.

But we wish you Godspeed.

( dribbling )