April 26, 2016 - Matt McGorry

  • 04/26/2016

The U.S. deploys 250 troops to Syria, and Larry discusses President Obama's criticism of Black Lives Matter activists with Matt McGorry, Jordan Carlos and Robin Thede.

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I'm your host, Larry Wilmore.

Um, man, we have a great showfor you guys.

I am so excited.Uh, but breaking news,



Yeah. Graphics, man. Yeah.

Uh, this just in, guys.The Middle East is still awful.

GAYLE KING: President Obama confirmed that he will send

an additional250 American troops to Syria.

250 troops? Seems kind of low.

I mean, that's, like,50 below the minimum

to even make a movie about this.

Right? Just sayin'.

I mean, what's next?They gonna go on 40 first dates?

Right? 'Cause... Yeah.

All right, but the number isn'tthe thing that seems off here--

it's the language.Gayle King said "troops,"

but Obama said something else.

I've approved the deployment

of up to 250 additionalU.S. personnel in Syria.


Wait, what, are they sending250 Stans from Accounting?

Per... Hey, ISIS,hope you like paperwork.

Hmm? Mmm... Aah!

Although, to give him credit,he, uh, seems to modify

"personnel" in the restof his sentence.

I've approved the deployment

of up to 250 additionalU.S. personnel in Syria,

including Special Forces,to keep up this momentum.

Okay, including Special Forces.

Okay, so you have a bunchof Stans

mixed inwith some SEAL Team Sixers?


Okay, so they're not troops.

They're personnelwith some Special Forces.

Okay, okay, okay. What else?

REPORTER: The 250 Special Forces expands the U.S. presence

from 50 commandos to 300 inside Syria.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

So all the personnelare Special Forces,

and then they're gonna bejoining 50 dudes going commando?

(groans)This is getting confusing!

Um, okay, so according to Obama,

we're not sending any troops--

it's just250 personnel/Special Forces

who are joining 50 otherswho are sans underwear.

Got it.

All right.What exactly is their mission?

They're not gonna be leadingthe fight on the ground,

but they will be essential

in providing the trainingand assisting local forces

as they continueto drive ISIL back.

Got it.

So the Special Forces guysare not fighting.

They're just therekind of advising.

Okay. All right, that's it.

We're not sending anybody elseto the region, right?

REPORTER: The announcement comes just days after the president

deployed another 200 advisors to help fight ISIS in Iraq.

(stammering gibberish sounds)

Okay, the advisors are the onesthat are fighting?

So Special Forces are advisingin Syria

while advisorsare fighting in Iraq.

Why does this haveto be so confusing?

Look, I knowthis is your last year,

but, Obama,are you smoking weed again?

It just seems...Why couldn't you just say,

"We're sending troopsto go help fight"?

Oh, I know. Is it...

is it becauseof what Candidate Obama said?

It is the first thing I will do.

I will get our troops home.

We will bring an endto this war.

You can take that to the bank.

Um, actually, in 2007,

it wasn't a good ideato take anything to the bank.

Not, uh...

not a good fortune-teller,that Obama.

Uh, and that was also a timewhen Obama was a lover.

Yeah. He wasn't a fighter.Right?

So he's got to find a wayto engage in this fight,

but he can't be too obvious whenhe's telling the American people

that we're engaging in a fight,all right?

So first thing you got to do

is tell themhow bad a problem it is.

Right now, the most urgentthreat to our nations is ISIL.

These terrorists are doingeverything in their power

to strike our citiesand kill our citizens,

so we need to do everythingin our power to stop them.

Once again, Mr. President,I wouldn't classify 250 people,

barely enough to packa comedy club,

as "everything in our power."


Why is it... why is it so hard?!

(groans, chuckles)

Now, the language of waris not only confusing--

the non-war war itselfis confusing.

So here's what I'm gonna do,guys. I'm gonna

break it down for youin a new segment we're calling

Explaining Complex StuffUsing the Latest

and Most AccessiblePop Culture References.

Okay. That was pretty good.

Okay, tonight, we're using Game of Thrones

and Beyoncé's Lemonade, all right?

-Okay. Very good.-(whooping)

Okay, so here's the thing,Syria is a Westeros,

a war-torn country ruledby rich assholes

who murder their own people,okay?

That's Assad. Right?

Now, there are two main groupswho want regime change.

Let's call the first oneangry rebels,

represented by Beyoncé.

And, boy, let me tell you, man.

Those are some angry groundforces rebelling right there.

All right?


Okay, now, the other main groupwho wants regime change is ISIS,

i.e., the White Walkers.

Right? Yeah.

Because they're scaryas (bleep),

and at some point, everyone'sgonna have to deal with them,

right? Now,Assad is bolstered by Putin,

obviously represented hereby Jay Z.

Right? Right? Yes, yes, yes!

Because he-he and Beyoncé seemto be in an open war

against each other, and that'smaking everyone uncomfortable.

And, of course, Beyoncéis in her black power phase,

so, of course, she's also at warwith the White Walkers.

You know what I'm saying.Right? Okay.

Now, the United Statesis Khaleesi,

because she's across the ocean

and has superior air power she'sbeen unwilling to use so far.

But Khaleesi is funding Beyoncé

by subscribing to Tidalto listen to her Lemonade album.

Exactly, exactly.

Also, we're not gettinginto a war with Jay Z,

because that's a warwe probably can't win.

We're not stupid.

Now, the United Nationsis Hodor.

Big presence

but nothing to say, really.

And Solange Knowles is inva...

is involved in this messsomehow, but it's not clear how.

Uh, she may have killed Jon Snowfor breaking his vows.

Nobody really knows.

And Rachael Ray is Turkey.

She got pulled into a flame war

that has nothing to do with her

except proximity.

Why is she in this?!

It doesn't make sense!

She just wants this to end!

Okay. So there you have it,Syria perfectly explained

through the powerof pop culture.

Okay. Uh, look, the fact is,if we're gonna defeat ISIS,

we need all hands on deck,and it's okay to say that!

Coded language is...coded language is keeping it 55,

and this nation needs Obamato keep it 100.

We're not little kids, man.

You don't have to spell outS-E-X in front of us.

If you're sending troops over

-that might get (bleep),let us know. -(laughter)

All right,for more on the language games

that Obama administrationis playing,

please welcome seniorPentagon official

Major General Grouper Blueman.

-How you doing? How you doing?-(applause)

Good to be here.Good to be here.

Oh, welcome to the show, Major.

Now, Major, when the presidentcommits these troops to Syria...


...isn't he essentially goingback on a promise?

Whoa, whoa, whoa?Committing troops to Syria?

Not sure I follow.

Well, he's sending 250U.S. soldiers into Syria.

No. I don't know why this isso confusing for everyone.

Let me be direct. The presidentisn't sending troops.

He's initiating a non-combatexpeditionary force

to threat assess and empowersolutions as they relate

to observable benchmarksin the global struggle

against violent extremism.


Um, can you do me a favorand just say

that Obama is sendingour military into a war zone?

"War zone?" Not sure whatthat is, to be quite honest.

Did you mean "an unpacifiedhot spot within a series

of perpetually shiftingconflict arenas"?


Uh, no, no, I mean "war zones,"

where Obama is placing soldiersin harm's way.

(laughs) Okay, Larry, this isn'tmiddle earth, all right?


Stop making up words like "harm" and "soldiers,"

when what you mean is

that Obama is setting upa systemic infrastructure

by which enemy fire powermay liaise

with our peace coordinators'anatomies.


You're sayingthey might get shot.

Again, "shot,"--not sure what that is.

Look, I really haveto get going.

Olive Garden does not playaround with their reservations.

You're five minutes late, theywill cross you off the list.

-(laughter)-No, no, no, no! Don't go!

-Do not go to Olive Garden,okay? -Yeah.

Just say the words for me.Just say these words.

"Obama is putting troopsin harm's way."

Just say that,and I'll let you go.

-I can't, and I won't!-Say it.

Okay, fine.

-Obama... is...-Mm-hmm.


hostility advisement specialistswithin range of potentialities

involvingbattlefield-related trauma.


-You are an asshole. Mm-hmm.-(laughter)

Sorry? What are you saying?

You're an anal-cavity-adjacentportal

specialist, slash,advisement supervisor.

-Oh! No!-(laughter)

All right, Major GeneralGrouper Blueman, everyone!

-Screw you, Larry! I will ripout... -We'll be right back.

-(cheers, applause) -No, no, no,that's what you're saying, man.

-(applause and cheering)-Welcome back!

So President Obama just returnedfrom a four-day trip to Europe,

where he took careof important business

with our foreign allies.

He urged Britain not to leavethe European union, he met with

world leaders aboutsending troops to fight ISIS,

he met with J.K. Rowling

-about sending Dumbledore's armyto fight ISIS. -(laughter)

Uh, but ultimately, this was oneof Obama's last chances

to solidifyour foreign relations

at a precarious time for Europeand the Middle East.

So, here with an in-depth look

on the president's trip isour very own Grace Parra.

-Hi! Hello!-(applause and cheering)

Thank you, Larry.Yes. Hi!

I am here in London wherethe fashion trends are...

(with British accent):positively royal.

♪ Nightly! Nightly!


Uh, fashion trends?No. No, Grace.

We sent you to cover Obama'sbig meeting, okay?

Exactly... with Prince George.

Did you see himin that bathrobe?

Oh, look at that.Look at that bathrobe, Larry!

Is Prince George theroyal family's youngest heir,

or the kingdom's hunkiestnew sleepwear model?

♪ Nightly! Nightly!


Grace? Grace? Grace? Grace?!

Grace, Prince Georgeis a young child.

You can't talk about himin that way.

Oh, you're right.You're right, Larry.

Sorry. (clears throat)

Is Pwince Georgeda woyal family's youngest heir,

or da kingdom's hunkiestnew sweepwear model?

-(whimsical music plays)-CHILD: Nightly! Nightly!

-(laughter)-You're a good baby. (baby talk)

Is that a baby Nightly?

All right, Grace, look,that's still not appropriate.

Is there anything you can tellus about the president's meeting

on ISIS, Syria,or the migrant crisis?

The president talked aboutall of that with Prince George?


Stop focusing on Prince George.

He talked about itwith world leaders

-such as Angela Merkeland David Cameron. -Oh.

First, it's James Cameron, okay?


But when it comes to looking flyas hell in a bathrobe,

this hunky babyjust sunk his Titanic.

-♪ Nightly! Nightly! -(Parra groaning)

Aah! Glug, glug,glug, glug, glug.

"I'll never let go, Jack!"


Grace, do you at leasthave any thoughts

on whether Britain will leavethe European union?

Um... no.


But I do know something aboutthe union of designer loafers

on adorable little baby feet.

You put that little royalfashion plate on a runway,

and all I'm hearing is"Gucci Gucci goo!"

-♪ Nightly! Nightly! -Dribble,dribble. Dribble, dribble.

Dribble, dribble. Dribble,dribble, dribble, dribble!

Kobe. (laughs)


You're not evenmaking sense now!

Hey, look, Grace, please.

With all of these global crises,

why are you so focusedon Prince George?

For the same reason that Britainstill has a royal family, Larry.

Sure, they don't do anything,

but the problems of the worlddon't seem so grim

when you're lookingat a little toddler

serving futurebaby king realness.

Admit it. Admit it!

-No. I...-Uh? Uh?

-Okay, fine! He's adorable!-Yes!

CHILD: Nightly! Nightly!

-Oh, I got the baby "Nightly."-You did. Oh, yeah.

Grace Parra, everyone.We'll be right back.

-(cheers and applause)-Oh, wow.

Welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up-- Nightly Show contributor Jordan Carlos.

-(cheers and applause)-THEDE: Yes, Jordan!

And Nightly Show contributorRobin Thede.

(cheers and applause)

And he stars in How to Get Away with Murder,

as wellas Orange is the New Black.

Season 4 premieresJune 17 on Netflix.

-Actor and activistMatt McGorry. -CARLOS: Yeah!

-(cheers and applause)-Yes.

And for everyone at home,join our conversation right now

on Twitter @NightlyShow,using the hashtag #Tonightly.

Okay, so,I want to talk about this.

Obama appeared to criticizethe Black Lives Matter movement

this past weekend duringa town hall meeting in London.

Uh, and while talking aboutsocial justice movements,

he said--I'm paraphrasing here...

he said, uh, onceyou've highlighted an issue

and brought itto people's attention,

and elected officials are readyto sit down with you,

then you can't justkeep on yelling at them.

Of course, it took Obama aboutfive minutes just to say that.



I personally thinkhe was speaking up for Hillary,

who's had someBlack Lives Matter moments.

It's like he was saying,"Stop yelling

at that scared white lady."That's what it seemed like.

-Um... -McGORRY: Right.-(laughter)

Am I wrong?

Well, I mean, a couple points,like, off the bat.

-Yeah. -You know, obviously,the Black Lives Matter movement

is not for me or about me.

-Mm-hmm. -You know,I like to consider myself

hopefully an ally to...

-Mm-hmm.-help raise awareness for that.

-(Thede whoops) -Mm-hmm.Right. -CARLOS: Yeah, man!

It's also not my placeto tell a black man,

especially the presidentof the United States,

what he shouldor shouldn't be saying about...

WILMORE:Well, he's a Halfrican American.

-Yeah. Yeah.-You could tell his white side.

CARLOS: But you're gonna do it.I want you to do it.

-But I'm gonna do it anyway.-THEDE: But do it. Yeah. Do it.

WILMORE: I love the..."It's not for me to say, but..."

McGORRY: No, no, I mean,like, I think any movement

requires people who are outside,who are not going

-to sort of be politicalabout it. -Mm-hmm.

We're going to yell,and that's sort of how...

we keep people honest--you know, like,

that's what happened sort ofwith the Clinton, uh...

when-when Bill... you know, whenBill Clinton gave his answer

-Yeah. -to the activists,you know, about the crime bill.

-And, you know, it is important,because, you know... -Mm-hmm.

I-I can't say, you know, howangry I would or wouldn't be,

and, you know, I think people...some people are there

to make the compromisesand to be in the room,

and some people need to justkind of do what they need to do.

CARLOS: I had a problem with it,you know?

-You had a problem with...-Yeah. -I had a problem

with Obama doing that--I just, like,

why are you putting,uh, BLM's business

on Front Street like that,you know what I mean?

He's just, like,giving us, like...

WILMORE: On Front Street,on Fleet Street?

On Fleet Street, more like.It's, like,

he could have said that to themin the, like,

through a letter or an e-mailor something like that,

and he's just like, "They'rejust yellin' all the time,

and, uh, I don't likethat (bleep), you know?"

-Like... i-it's, like...-(laughter)

I guess I'm notthat cynical about it,

thinking that it was a, like,this ploy to help Hillary.

-Like, he was speaking...-WILMORE: I know,

I'm very politically cynical.

Yeah. I mean, he was speakingto a bunch of teenagers

in London-- he might as wellhave been at Hogwarts.

-Like, it didn't have anythingto do with Hillary to me. -Yeah.

And who's gonna yell in England?It's England.

-Right. -You know what I mean?They're, like, very...

-If you look at the crowd,they were very subdued. -Uh-huh.

-Right, right. -They're like,"Yes, Mr. President, go on."

You know?"It's almost time for toppins."

You know?Like, things like that.

-(laughter)-WILMORE: Wait. Toppins?

I have no idea.I don't know what they...

THEDE: That's a thing, no, no,that's a thing. Go with it.

Do they eat that?I'm thinking clotted cream.

-Ah, yeah.-THEDE: Oh, yeah.

-(laughter) -Yeah, let's...let's not get stuck there.

WILMORE: Yeah. Uh, he also said,you can't refuse to meet,

because that might compromisethe purity of your position.

referring to when one activistrefused to meet with him

in October,they refused to meet with Obama.

Saying it would do a disserviceto her greater goals

as an activist to participate.

What is"purity of your position"?

-What is... what do you thinkhe means by that? -Hmm.

Do you... Like, why would younot meet with the president?

Well, it's your street cred,I guess, in a way, right?

Like, you're like, "Look,we're Black Lives Matter.

If we meet with you, maybewe're compromising our goals."

-Mm-hmm. -But to me,this statement is just Obama

in "dad mode."Like, you know what I mean?

He's just like... he's like,"Stop all that yellin'

-Uh-huh. -if you're not gonnahave a mission behind it."

Which, I mean, I get his point,

-Mm-hmm. -but it still feelsvery dad-like.

But I don't blame themfor not meeting with him

-to some degree. -For notmeeting with the president?

-To some degree. -You don't wantto have the president's ear?

-He has the biggest ears.-So, so, okay. So...

-CARLOS: I don't know...-THEDE: No, that's a fair point.

But, like, imagineif you're trying to...

you're trying to still getyour movement together,

you know what I mean, and you'restill organizing in this way,

and the president's like,"Okay, cool,

come meet meat the Oval Office."

That's nota little intimidating?

-You think he said it like that?-Yeah, he called them out.

Yeah, I can imagine them,like, probably, like,

huddled in somebody's room,just like, "Oh, my God,

get the notes, get the notes,"you know what I'm saying?

-Aah! (bleep) -Like, "Justcancel it! Just cancel it!"

McGORRY:Also, I feel like, you know--

and it's different--I feel like...

I think too many white peopleoften talk about, like,

"Oh, they're yelling tooloudly," or something like that,

-and that's a problem, too,because... -Right. Right.

Ultimately, as white people--and I think that's my place

in the movement is to talkto other white people

about these things--but ultimately, if our problem

is more with the tonethat people are taking

or that they're yellingtoo loudly

than the racial, you know,problems themselves,

-Right.-that's the problem.

And you kind of haveto look at that instead.

-Yeah. -THEDE: Right.You're missing the message.

You're missing the messageand you're missing...

You know, I think, you know,the realization

I've sort of come to is that,you know, silently disapproving

of racism doesn't do anythingto change it.

WILMORE: That is a fact.That is a fact.

-THEDE: Amen. -And systemicracism, too, you know?

And I think historically,white people,

we kind of suck at realizing it,you know, and, you know...

Like, it took hundreds of yearsfor, you know, slavery to end

and all these other things, andthere are plenty of issues still

-that happen now...-Yeah. Well, so right now

disruption seems to bethe thing.

But does it seemlike it needs to evolve

into, like, policy prescriptionor that sort of thing?

I mean, uh, listen, I-I thinkmovements do... they change.

I mean, at one time the NAACP--w... they were like...

-they didn't accept women,you know? -Right.

So I think that's changed. Uh...

You know, that-that's changed.You... A-And at Seneca Falls

-I did some, uh, researchon this. Uh... -Oh, here we go.

During Seneca Fallsthey-they were, like,

going back and forthlike, "Should we ask

-for the vote or not?"-Mm-hmm.

You know? I mean, think aboutit. Like, that-that was

the wom... that was the-the...

the nadir ofthe women's movement.

-I can't believeI just used that word. -Nice.

You know, as-as obviousas it may seem to some people...

I'll tell you, my conversationswith white people,

it's not that obviousto a lot of people.

Or at least the extent to it,and before, frankly,

I became, you know,interested in this stuff, like,

which was only like a year ago,I didn't know.

-And I'm someone who clearlycares about it... -Really?

...now that I know.Yeah. But reading

The New Jim Crow byMichelle Alexander, you know...

-Boom. -...understanding...You know, when you-when you

-have a white lens...-I saw you read

-Ta-Nehisi Coates, too.-Yeah.

Yeah, yeah. I...I follow your Gram, man.

Oh, all right. Follow back,I'm gonna follow back.

-Yeah, I'll follow you back.-She opened more...

What, you just watch himwhile he's reading?

No, man, it was on... Yes.


No, she...Michelle Alexander put, uh,

that whole era on blast,but she opened eyes

-for a lot of blacks, too,who... -Yeah, sure.

...who, you know,did not... was not aware

of a lot of the issuesthat she brought up.

Yeah, I believe that. I... Yeah.

Yeah, so-so that bookis a disruption in and...

in and of itself,which arguably...

It seems like the blackintellectual class

has kind of startedthis movement in some ways.

Or at least they've...

they've been kind of the,uh, fuel underneath it.

Yeah. It's called,uh, staying woke.

-You know, we call it stayingwoke. -Right, staying woke.

-Right? -Staying woke.-That's right.

And that's what...You want to read these things

and be a part of this in any waythat you can to help stay woke.

And it-and it takes peoplefrom every side to do that.

He woke, he woke.Is Black Lives Matter

gonna matter in the fall?

I think it's gonnamatter always,

until we have,you know, equality.

-Mm-hmm. -Yeah.-Yeah, it should. I mean...

And plus, I thinkBLM is an idea.

And, like, that-that'sthe most important part.

I mean, they-they have a sloganthat has... that's done as well

as, you know, like,"Make America Great Again".

-It's... People know that... I'mnot saying... -They need hats.

Just relax. I'm not sayingI like it as much.

Yeah, that's the problem-- weneed hats, young people, okay?

-That's so true. We need hats.-Can we get some hats?

-(bleep).-Those hats would be amazing.

-I... (exhales)-There are hats.

-There are hats?-No, I'm sure there are hats.

We just... We should get some.That's on us-- we don't have

-the hats. That's on us. -I lovehow Matt comes and tells us

-about BLM, too. That wasamazing. -He was real serious.

He was like, "No, no, though,there are hats."

-Yeah. -There are hats.-Not my responsibility.

That's what happenswhen you get woke, okay?

-We'll be right back.-Yeah!

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Hey, Larry. You have to killtwo Lakers players

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Which two have to go?

Keep it 100.

You (bleep).

-See, you knowI love the Lakers. -Yup.

I'm gonna keep it 100--I'm killing you, Shivam.

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