• Season 6, Ep 2
  • 06/24/2010

Leela and Zapp Brannigan find themselves stranded on an Eden-like planet.


Death-Sphere in range.

Engaging holographic targeting.

Activating the Force.

MALE VOICE (a la Obi-Wan):Feel the entrance, Leela.

Destination on your leftin 0.3 miles.

Zapp to Leela.

Look at all thatsurveillance equipment.

(whispering):We better whisper.

(whispering):Switching to pillow talk mode.

Look! What arethose huge letters?


Doesn't ring a bell.

Hmm, I don't likethe looks of this V-GINY.

Does anyone recognizethose call letters?


It's not in theJaneway's Guide either.

Deciphering that I.D. codeis critical.

I'll be in the Chamberof Understanding.

(muffled discobass line throbbing)

This is it-- the moment weshould have trained for.

Holy cr... (beep)

Incoming yucky.Firing pocket-rocket!

(muffled explosion)

Don't panic, Leela.Go, go, go, go, go.

I hope this isthe control stick.

BRANNIGAN:Captain's log.

We've lost control.Addendum...

(Brannigan screaming)

Why isn't Leelaback yet?

Do you thinkshe's okay?

How should I know?

And how come you never askif I'm okay?

I'm feelinga little neglected here.

Oh, sorry.Are you okay, Bender?

Shut up.

What differencedoes it make?

When that Death-Sphere gets here,

we'll all be blownto Manwich meat.

Well, I guessit's time to indulge

in some end-of-the-worlddebauchery.

Who's up for an orgy?

(enthusiastic response fadesto ambivalent muttering)

Maybe a Parcheesitournament.

PROFESSOR:Belay that Parcheesi tournament.

I've identifiedthe Death-Sphere.

We may yet havea faint hope of survival.

Still, a Parcheesi tournament.

This is a top secretmilitary satellite

launched by theair force in 1998.

And this is a topsecret FCC satellite

launched thatsame year

to censor indecentTV programs.

Like The Pimpsonsand Ass-o-rama?


However, the satellites collidedshortly after launch

and were never heard from again.

I found the board!

Now I've simulatedthat collision

using Shrapnel-vision.

(all shouting)


Granted, all that makesperfect sense.

But why is this Death-Spheredestroying planets?

That makesthe most sense of all.

Look at the planetsit's destroyed so far.

First came X-3 thenude beach planet,

then Poopiter,

and finally that worldthat can't be mentioned

in polite company.

You mean...(whispers)

(all groaning)How dare you.

So the Death-Sphere

is "censoring"indecent planets?

Indeed, and we're next,

if we can't keep it inour collective pants.

Our sole hope is to persuadethe people of Earth

to abandon theirsmutty ways.

(whip cracks)

So the orgy's off?