Yo Leela Leela

  • Season 6, Ep 19
  • 07/21/2011

Leela becomes a Hollywood big shot after creating a hit children's television series.

Mr. Funny-Bunny herewill gauge your reaction

by bombarding your brains

with harmless snuggle rays.


He gives me a nice,warm feeling in my eyeballs.

DIGITAL VOICE:♪ Popular Slut Club.

Oh, my God.There's Jake Finkelberg!

He's so hot.

I wish he wasn't my brother.

DIGITAL VOICE:♪ Popular Slut Club.

ANNOUNCER: Look! Up on the drive-thru menu!

It's Captain Mega Meat

and his young ward, Bottomless Boy.

Hurry, Captain!

A skinny kid needs our help.

Super-size me!


ANNOUNCER: From the Rowdy Roddy Piper

Daycare Center in Glasgow, Scotland,

it's Extreme Toddler Wrestling!

Thanksfor the brain scans, kids.

Don't have any children forthe next couple of days.

and this Leela broad hasn'teven delivered a script yet!

Sweet zombie Jesus,like it's not hard enough

to make a freakin' TV showfor under 50 bucks.

Damn it.I'll call you back, Grandma.

Nice of you toshow up, toots.

I mean that sincerely.

It's just thatI'm in show biz.

Sorry, I went to myquiet place to write.

Here's the script.

Ach! You writersmake me sick.

Nice job on thescript, though.

Places, everyone!

Okay. Cheap lights.

Off-brand camera.


And non-union action!

I like ice cream.


And I like lollipops.


And I like you,Princess Num-Num.


Ew. I'm alllicky-sticky!


I don't understand.

When I like something,I lick it.

Like this raccoon.



LEELA:Doingg, don'tlick things

that don't wantto be licked.

But how do I knowwhat to lick

and what not to lick?

It's very simple.

(piano plays)

♪ If it's alive,don't lick it ♪

ZOIDBERG:♪ Like a horse,a turtle or a cricket ♪

BENDER:I like turtles!

♪ So if you're not sure

♪ If it's alive or dead

♪ Poke it with a stickand lick the stick instead. ♪

Now I get it!



Well, that's all for today.

But before we go,

let's do everythingwe just did

two more times.

Leela, that was great!

Even I haveto admire the performance

of me, Bender.

The show looks so cute.

Kids will love it!

And it looks so cruddy,

their ironichipster parents

will love it.

Thanks, guys, butlet's be realistic.

We all know any TV showthat's even slightly good

gets cancelled.

Sometimes twoor three times.