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CC Presents: Eugene Mirman

Season 12 - Episode 1208   |   Aired: 01/31/2008   |   Views: 1,921   |   Comments:

Eugene Mirman specializes in assassinating horses, meeting ladies in special ed class and rebranding basic shapes like the triangle.


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CC Presents: Leo Allen

Season 12 - Episode 1207  |   Aired: 01/24/2008  |   Views: 371

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CC Presents: Jo Koy

Season 12 - Episode 1202  |   Aired: 01/17/2008  |   Views: 6,338

Jo Koy illuminates the mysteries of the Filipino-American alphabet, the delicate art of raising an insane child and the reasons no one will fight a man with a handful of crap.

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CC Presents: Sebastian Maniscalco

Season 12 - Episode 1219  |   Aired: 01/17/2008  |   Views: 2,405

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CC Presents: Brian Posehn (2008)

Season 12 - Episode 1211  |   Aired: 01/11/2008  |   Views: 158

Brian Posehn explains how to pass the fart buck, how to silently communicate with metalheads, and how to discipline a dog that doesn't respect personal boundaries.

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CC Presents: Lavell Crawford

Season 12 - Episode 1213  |   Aired: 01/11/2008  |   Views: 913

Lavell Crawford's daily prayers haven't helped with his weight or his fear of doctors, but occasionally, triple burgers are delivered upon him.