Meth Head Actor

  • Season 6, Ep 2
  • 01/21/2016

The guys get busted for smoking pot and attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting where Blake runs into an old friend and Ders makes a scary new one.

[chill music]

- Dang, what's upwith all these snacks?

[awkward laugh]

What's up, man?I'm Shaunders.

Good to meet you, dude.

Can you believethese marks in there?

Talking about,"I wanna get high."

"I wish I was still high."

[bleep], go get high!

Know what I mean?But I'll tell you what.

I, uh, probablygonna need something

a little strongerthan this coffee

if I'ma get through thismeeting; for real, though.

Do you have a hookup?

- Are you seriously asking mefor drugs at a N.A. meeting?

- Did I stutter?

- Dude, I've been soberfor eight months.

- Oh, you gonna take itpersonal, okay.

Please, man, you looklike a old-ass,

whack Peter Pan,so, like, [buzzes].

- Hey, "fyi,"

normally what I say here,I want to stay here,

but if any of this landsin "VICE" magazine...

- I'm actuallylooking for someone

who's in the grip of addiction,struggling to get out.

You seem like you're gettingyour life together.

Linda:My name is Linda.

I went to that bar,Ed's Jug House, to score,

and I left my kidsalone in the car.

Social Servicestook them from me,

and now I just wantto see my kids again.


- [crying]

Oh, God!

Oh, you could sit down,'cause that actually--

sit down right now--'cause that inspired me.

I recently lost myselfto meth once again,

and just like this girlwho seems like

she has it all together now

and is fullyon the road to recovery,

I was also at Ed's Jug House,

and I...

I ate a puppy.

And on topof that, I, uh...

sucked a bunch of [bleep].

I'm good at it,so I could just

really get in thereand just...


Big ones, small ones,girthy ones,

ones that looked likeit had, like, alopecia.

And that's my story.

- [coughing]All right, guys.

Put some pep in your step,

'cause I want to getsome good seats.

Whoo!- Yeah, dude.

Hey, no spoilers,but this thing's

supposed to have it all.

Blood, sugar,sex, magic.

- Hey, if you guys figureit out, do not tell me,

because I want to be surprised.

Sometimes I don't figure it out

until the ride home or untila few hours later.

Or honestly, sometimesit helps if you guys

just tell me what happened.

- Uh, my man,

three for"The People vs. Dom Dierkes"

murder trial, please,and we're students.

- Uh, guys, we don't havea student discount,

and we don't sell tickets.

- Oh, okay.- Also, and I don't feel like

doing this, but you aren'tgiving me a choice.

I have to arrest you.

- Yeah, I don't think so, man.I didn't vote.

So I don't thinkI could be arrested.

- I can smell youthrough the glass.

You have a jointbehind your ear.

- Do I?- Yeah.

- Yeah, that's my bad.- Jesus.

- And that guyis holding a bong.

- Oh.

This actually isn't a bong.

It is...Kombucha.

- Drink it.

- Some new--new age stuff.- Yeah.

- Yoga people drink it,so--and I'm one of them.

- Yeah.- Uh-huh, yeah.

- It's thick.