Gone Catfishing

  • Season 6, Ep 5
  • 02/11/2016

As 420 approaches, Blake meets a woman online, but Adam and Ders are convinced that he's being catfished.

- Blake, Stop!- Hey, hey.

Whoa, hey.- What's going on?

- Fancy meeting you two here.- Hi. What's happening?

- You remember me, Erin.Um, okay.

I just have to get somethingoff my chest.

- I knew it.- What's going on?

- Oh, my God.

- Go to the arcade.- Cool.

- I'm sorry; what is going on,and who are you?

- I'm his wife. Who are you?

- You're married?- Okay.

Dudes, you want to step in here?- No.

- Not really. I don't.- Okay.

This ain't what it looks like.See, let me explain.

See, these idiots--- No, actually, I can explain.

I'm not mad.

- You're not mad?- No. I'm actually relieved.

Honey, I love you.I love our marriage.

I love our family, our house,all our possessions.

But recently, I signed upfor Ashley Madison 'cause

I want us to be open,and I want us to share together

and have fun again.

- Baby, I want that too.

- I think I'm gonna goand let you two work this out.

- Yeah.- No. Really, it's okay.

And we're all adults here.- Mm-hmm.

- And you two, it looks like,were really hitting it off.

Frankly,it was really freaking hot.

- And she gota little coochie too.

I mean--- [whispering indistinctly]

- Goddamn, I love you, woman.

- You know,maybe you could stick around

and the three of us can,you know,

try something new together.

- I'm always downfor something new.

- Mm...want something here.

- Hot damn!- Oh!

- Baby, bam.

- Does this look like a rifle?

- Uh...yeah. Kind of.- Thanks.

- God, it seems like the season

comes faster every year,you know?

- Honestly, every personI run into keeps blabbing

about how awesomeour 4/20 party was last year,

and I'm like, "Bitch,you don't even know.

This year,we've got a 42-blunt salute!"

- Dude, I don't even knowwhat that is,

and I got goose pimplesup and down my arms.

- Yeah.- Remember how last year,

I lip-synched Cypress Hillfor, like, five hours?

- Yes.

- So this year, I thinkI'm just gonna freestyle it.

Just, like, go,you know what I mean?

You know how I do.

And I'm gonna call myself"Cypress Chill."

- Get out.

That's what I wasgonna call myself,

except for not "Cypress Chill."

I was gonna call myselfthe "Chill Sergeant."

- Happy holidays.

both: Happy holidays.

- I want you guys to go ahead,

and it's a free-for-allwith that box there.

I don't want any of it.It's all up for grabs.

- Blake, these are your pornogs.- Yeah.

- What are you doing?These are classics.

All the pagesare stuck together.

- Yeah. I know.

- You're freaking methe freak out right now, okay?

Go back in your roomand crank it down.

- Sorry, can't help youwith that one, bud,

because...I'm a boyfriend now.

- Who are you boyfriending?

- Well, my love's nameis Erin Mantini.

- Okay, great, but justbecause you've got a girl

doesn't mean you got to get ridof your whack stash.

- Fellas,now that I'm a boyfriend,

I'm just sort of abovethat kind of behavior, you know?

I mean, I'm in love.

I don't wantto seem like a creep.


[sighs]I'm in love.


[The Skinny Boys' "Jockbox"]