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Season 1 - Episode 107   |   Aired: 03/04/2009   |   Views: 10,622   |   Comments:

Demetri considers the mysteries surrounding chairs. Why are lions afraid of chairs? Why do we sit in chairs to eat and then get rid of food? And who sticks gum under a chair?


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Episode 205  |   Aired: 03/11/2010  |   Views: 0

Demetri examines the number 2 from every vantage, from the biological -- as when two women hit the lavatory to dissect a blind date -- to basic but unnoticed social cues.


Episode 204  |   Aired: 02/25/2010  |   Views: 0

Demetri finds there's more than one way to acquire wealth. It's not enough to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth -- sometimes you gotta shave a snake.


Episode 203  |   Aired: 02/18/2010  |   Views: 0

Demetri knows that a man is only as good as his plan. He explores the best strategy for seduction, suing your neighbor over a fence and reacting to alien life.


Episode 202  |   Aired: 02/11/2010  |   Views: 0

Demetri finds that people with special abilities -- unicyclists, amateur midwives, people who can simultaneously laugh and pee -- are in short supply.


Episode 201  |   Aired: 02/04/2010  |   Views: 0

Demetri has a TV show because he needs attention. Comedic dogs and patients who deliver a toast while handing a doctor their urine sample also need attention.