The Sting

  • Season 5, Ep 9
  • 02/26/2008

A killer bee sting traps Leela in a strange loop of guilt-ridden dreams.

( gulps )

Okay, I got a prettygood calm going.

Two spoonfuls to help me sleep.

( gulping )

Uh-oh-- still awake.

I guess one more spoonfulcouldn't hurt.


Oh, my gosh!

I'd better get a sponge.

( gasps )


Is that you?

I don't need a sponge.

( mumbling )

Why am I stickyand naked?

Did I miss something fun?

( whirring )


According tothe gizmometer,

Fry touched theroyal jelly inthe space hive,

leaving an imprint

of his DNAand brain waves.

Then whenit spilledon the couch,

it recombined withtrace amounts

of Fry's hairand skin...

And blood.

Don't forgetabout Fry's blood.

Yes, Bender, thank you.

In short, the various fluidsFry left in the couch

caused the royal jellyto regenerate his entire being.


This is great.

My buddy's alive

and his credit cards are validagain.

Let's go get hammered!

( cheering )

I should warn you--

I'm a mean drunk.

Fry, I'm so gladI didn't kill you.

( sniffling )

They say a spoonful of spacehoney helps ease the pain.

Mmm, it's good.

I feel funny.

"Ha-ha" funny.

( giggling )




I thought you were dead.

Nope, I'm better than ever.

Before the accident,I couldn't do this--


But it does sort of supportmy "You are dead" theory.

Then I'll prove I'm alive

by telling you somethingonly I could know.

There's a surprisefor you in my locker.

I got it at a Swedish noveltyshop before we left.

(gasps )

It's too beautiful to open.

Can I open it?


There's just one thingI want you to do.


I want you to wake up.

Wake up?But I'm not...

( Nibbler yelps )