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Vow Wow

Season 2 - Episode 216   |   Aired: 12/11/2008   |   Views: 31,017   |   Comments:

Sarah mocks the institution of marriage by announcing that she and her dog, Doug, are engaged. Brian and Steve discover an old pickle jar that Steve farted in 10 years ago.


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Smellin' of Troy

Episode 306  |   Aired: 03/11/2010  |   Views: 0

Troy, Sarah's childhood imaginary friend, returns and lures her into a life of sex and drugs. Steve's song that mocks Brian gains immense popularity.

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Episode 307  |   Aired: 02/25/2010  |   Views: 0

Sarah campaigns for "May Kadoody," a fake mayoral candidate. An actual May Kadoody outlaws gay marriage, interfering with Steve's dream of marrying Brian.

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A Slip Slope

Episode 304  |   Aired: 02/18/2010  |   Views: 0

Sarah sues the movie "Home Alone" for influencing her to accidentally murder her new neighbor. Brian seeks revenge on a bird who repeatedly defecates on his head.

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The Silverman and the Pillows

Episode 301  |   Aired: 02/11/2010  |   Views: 0

Wanting to show how easy it is to make children's books and television, Sarah goes on a crusade. Laura informs Brian and Steve that their balls have an unpleasant odor.

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The Proof Is in the Penis

Episode 303  |   Aired: 02/04/2010  |   Views: 0

In an attempt to get Sarah to "man up," Laura falsely informs Sarah that she was born with both a penis and a vagina. Brian and Steve are haunted by a ghost.