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The Lord's Force

Season 3 - Episode 307   |   Aired: 07/10/2012   |   Views: 566,201   |   Comments:

The guys welcome two members of their favorite faith-based strong man group into their home.


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Season 4 - Episode 402  |   Aired: 02/05/2014  |   Views: 164,932

The guys campaign for Jillian to become break room manager so that they can get access to Alice's Costco card, but Jillian quickly turns into a snack tyrant.

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Fry Guys

Season 4 - Episode 403  |   Aired: 01/29/2014  |   Views: 153,534

After Alice gets mad at Adam, Blake and Ders for trying to have an office fish fry, the guys go in search of a male prostitute to sex her out of her bad mood.

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Orgazmo Birth

Season 4 - Episode 404  |   Aired: 01/22/2014  |   Views: 203,739

Montez offers to buy the guys tickets to an electronic music festival, but Colleen's baby shower threatens to ruin their good time.

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The Future Is Gnar

Season 3 - Episode 320  |   Aired: 03/20/2013  |   Views: 847,839

When Alice introduces an automated calling system, Blake imagines a future where the machines have taken over.

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In Line

Season 3 - Episode 319  |   Aired: 03/13/2013  |   Views: 344,257

The guys all need a copy of a new video game for very different reasons.