• Season 6, Ep 26
  • 09/08/2011

The gang turns into 8-bit, anime and classic black-and-white versions of itself.

(low-resolutionmusical tones play)

(1980s video game sound effects)

Good news, multiplayers.

After a lifetime of toil,

I'm on the verge of solvingall the mysteries of science.

So we can leave early?Certainly not.

(frustrated grunting)

Not until I demonstratethis new microscope lens

made from the debrisof that diamondium comet.

Hey, Professor.

Yes, Bender.Aah!Boo!

(Bender chuckles)

Okay, too bad, good-bye.

You're not through

with this level.

I have another lens.

Byte my eight-bit metal ass.

(whispering):That's byte with a "Y."


Whatever yousay, mon.

Due to the lens' remarkablequark lattice structure,

it should be capableof unthinkable magnification.

Come, follow me to the lab.

(musical tones play)

Hey, I'm gonna try that.

So long, meatbags.

(musical tones play)

Son of a...

Let me just insert lensin microscope.

There, now, for the first time,we may be able to see

the infinitesimal fabricof matter itself,

laying bare the mostfundamental laws

of the universe.

(whispering):Hey, Fry, I know somethingyou could lay bare.

Leela, shh, I'm trying tolisten to a physics lecture.

Now, to examine some matter.

Any old matter will do.

HERMES:Mon, that'ssome cheap-ass matter.

What the hell is it?

Oh, it's just a log I found

in a holein the bottom of the sea.

Now, to penetrateits deepest mysteries.

Hey, Fry...Leela, no means no.

Oh, my, there's a frogon a bump on this log

that I found in a holein the bottom of the sea.

And that's the ultimatesecret of the universe?

Apparently so.

Wait, there's a snail

on the tail of the frogon the bump

on this log that I found ina hole in the bottom of the sea.

Dear Liza.

The snail itself is composed

of cells, molecules, atoms.

Pfft, those thingsdon't rhyme.

Things only rhyme below tento the minus five angstroms,

you dope.

Now, ions and pions,muons and gluons,

neutrinos, gravitinos...

We're closing in on the verysmallest particles of matter.

we greet you in peace.


Kajiggaru desu!

All attempts to communicatewith the aliens have failed.

I fear our only optionis thrilling space battle.

BOTH:Power friends, go!


MECHANICAL VOICE:Launch all missiles!

Launch all missiles!

We were defeated in battle.

BENDER:Oh, no!

They're forming Gigatron!

(monkey squeals)

Defeat is ours.If we can't communicate

with these bone jelly ghosts,we're doomed!

Professor, I have analyzedthe aliens' movements

with this movement analyzer.

That device was a giftfrom my ancestors. Go on.

It seems their movementsare a form of language.

Rather than speaking J--


AMY: us,they speak by dancing.

Of course! Having nomouths or ears,

they could only communicatethrough motions.

Or perhaps by odors.

That is how you communicate.

(all laughing)

Then our only hopeto talk to them

is by doing a peace dance.

But it will have to be smootherand more fluid

than any movement mankindis capable of!

What if we hirea buttered geisha?

Another one of yourill-timed jokes, Fry?