The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz

  • Season 3, Ep 9
  • 01/25/2008

Leela fights to save the penguins of Pluto after an oil spill.

the tanker captain hadan alcohol level of .08%--

well below the legal limitfor robots.


Son, as your lawyer

I declare y'all are ina 12-piece bucket of trouble.

But I done struck you a deal--

five hours of community service

cleaning up that old messyou caused.

Five hours? Oh, man.

Couldn't you just havegotten me the death penalty?

I'd have done better

but it's plumb hardpleading a case

while awaiting trialfor that there "incompetence."

Yeah, uh, good luckwith that.

( penguins moaning )

( squeaking )

Now, you stay awayfrom those puffin twins.

Good way to avoidfrostbite, folks--

put your handsbetween your buttocks--

that's nature'spocket.


I think I'll gocheck on Bender.

Watch thathe doesn't pickyour pocket.

( squawking )

( gulping )

Ah! Can't beat fresh-squeezed.

Bender, can youat least pretend

you're beingpunished?

And cleanthe black parts, too.

( mockingly ):Clean the black parts, too.

Are they blackwith white feathers

or white withblack feathers?

It don'tmatter, baby.

They're allbeautiful.

( sighing )

Yo, screws, moreTegrin over here?

Ooh, what's this?

( penguins squawking )

( chuckling fiendishly )

Aw, man,he got away.

I guess this is whyChief says no hugging.

Hey, where'd they...


( angry squawking )

( men yelling )

( gasping )

Make sure they useevery part of my body!

I'll avengeyour death, son!

They used to besuch peaceful birds.

I suppose thiswas your doing.

Yep. It's likeI taught them--

if it ain't black and whitepeck, scratch and bite.

Now, to take off my tuxedo.

( squawking )

Guys, it's me--

your lovable dictator.


( screaming )

Oh, if only we hada toboggan.

Faster! Faster!

( squawking )

( grunting )

( creaking )

Whoo! Phew!Phew!

Oh, right--they can swim.

It's all comingback to me now.

( angry squawking )

( gasping )

It's Fry!Wiggles?

Well, at least

it'll help reducetheir population.

Yeah... life ishilariously cruel.

( laughing )


Permission to come aboard,Wiggles?


We can't take offwithout our captain.

( Leela clears throat )

Oh... and bringmy toboggan.