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Steve's Bald

Season 1 - Episode 108   |   Aired: 11/20/2012   |   Views: 33,116   |   Comments:

In an effort to restore his hair growth and his mojo in time for the annual Ranger Ball, Steve drinks a mysterious elixir and wakes up as Bigfoot.


Clips from the episode (2): What Have I Done? , Ethel Will Make It All Better

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Season 2 - Episode 212  |   Aired: 11/26/2013  |   Views: 34,230

When Mt. Brickleberry reveals itself as a volcano, Denzel becomes convinced that the apocalypse has begun, and Woody tries to find shelter from the impending eruption.

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My Favorite Bear

Season 2 - Episode 211  |   Aired: 11/19/2013  |   Views: 13,183

Steve keeps an eye on his washed-up childhood hero Flamey the Bear, and Woody experiments with plastic surgery.

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Trip to Mars

Season 2 - Episode 213  |   Aired: 11/12/2013  |   Views: 12,065

The rangers accidentally become complicit in a government conspiracy to fake a Mars landing, and Malloy leads a group of displaced Native Americans to conquer a mall.

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Scared Straight

Season 2 - Episode 210  |   Aired: 11/05/2013  |   Views: 14,822

Denzel enlists his Detroit "Cool Friends Gang" to scare straight a misbehaving Malloy.

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The Animals Strike Back

Season 2 - Episode 209  |   Aired: 10/29/2013  |   Views: 14,487

On the anniversary of the death of Malloy's parents, Brickleberry's extremist animals decide to stage a revolt and convince Malloy to lead it.