The Inhuman Torch

  • Season 7, Ep 18
  • 07/10/2013

Bender becomes a famous firefighter, but the crew suspects him of arson.

Prepare for action.


(all yell)

Attention, helium miners.

Can you hear me?

(high voice):For God's sake, help us!

(higher voice):We're in agonizing pain!


(whispers):Stop laughing.

Help is on the way!

In the meantime, you should singa song to keep your spirits up.

How about "Camptown Races"?

MINERS (high-pitched):♪ Camptown ladies,sing this song ♪

♪ Doo dah, doo dah



Let's do this.


I'll stay here and bein charge of not dying.


Razzma flazzma plasma.

We must be close;we're hitting an occasional

(high voice):helium pocket.


We don't have much time!

Keep moving forward!

Screw that! I'mgetting out of here.

(humming tune)

Just one more fire between meand a well-earned nap.


What a dramatic scene, Linda.

The heroic robot, withno concern for his own safety,

has bravely chargedback into the mine.

What else is on?

(channel changes)

(steady droning)

Friends, look atthese new poles.

Get readyfor one sexy firehouse.

Zoidberg, quit turning us onand go polish your nozzle.

Yo! Hero in the house.

I just got backfrom my daily medal strut.

(alarm blaring)

What's that?Did they pick a new Pope?

Good news, everyone!

Someone's home is on fire.

(all cheering)

(siren blaring, bell clanging)