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CC Presents: Kristen Schaal

Season 13 - Episode 1321   |   Aired: 01/11/2009   |   Views: 3,467   |   Comments:

Kristen Schaal takes comfort in making her audience as uncomfortable as possible, with wedding proposal rejections, runaway birds and terrifying historical sex dreams.


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CC Presents: Marc Maron

Season 1 - Episode 0102  |   Aired: 12/07/1998  |   Views: 1,816

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CC Presents: Wanda Sykes

Season 1 - Episode 101  |   Aired: 11/30/1998  |   Views: 3,209

Wanda Sykes explains why marriage needs a warranty and the difficulty of performing at a feminist benefit concert. Plus, how to buy someone a drink -- hint: no stalking.