The Legend of Circuit Lake

  • Season 1, Ep 9
  • 12/03/2015

When Rad becomes trapped in virtual reality, Dazzle is charged with his murder and thrown in jail, where he finds love with an unlikely paramour.

What is this place?


This is justthe virtua-gear I need

to free-jack into the system

and jack offthat stupid Dazzle Novak.

[machinery humming]


Nice shot, Tate.

Your turn, Novak.

I, uh, broughtmy own targets.

Where is Rad, anyway?

He never missesa firearms aptitude test.

He loves the free bad coffee.

Yeah, he's been talking aboutthis free bad coffee for weeks.

Oh, maybe someonepoisoned him

and disposed of his bodyin the river.

That would be funnyif that happened, right?

I mean, right?

I mean, imagine Rad,

his dumb, bloated facein the water,

shredded by boat propellers.

I mean, come on, that's funny.


Well, I think it's funny.

[machinery humming]

(Dazzle, echoing)Go to commercial, eh?



All the information inMoonbeam City at my fingertips.

Bank records, medical histories,surveillance footage.

I wield the powerto change the entire city.

Now, where can I find picturesof Dazzle on the toilet?

(Euclidia)Halt, who stands beforeEuclidia the Digitangel?

It's me, Cyber-Rad.

Bow down and serve me!

What informationmay I provide you, Rad?

Give me every last speckof info-dirt on Dazzle Novak.

Dazzle Novakhas the most extensive file.

Please gripthe pulsating access rod,

so we can calibrateyour intentions.

Grip it harder.

Cup the orbs of purity.

At last, it will all be mine--

Dazzle's bad report cards,

his abnormalpsychiatric records.

I'll bet he's a bed-wetterwith a small wiener.

Ha, that's the worst kindof bed-wetter.


Your intentions are impure.

Access denied.

The virtual recordsare not for revenge.

You will be erased.




We'll be safe herefor a minute.

Take off that wet jumpsuit.

I will dry it for you.

I can't survive in heremuch longer.

My only hopeis to escape you, S.I.L.C.A.

You want to...get away from me?

It's not like that.

I get it, I do.

S.I.L.C.A., please.

I guessthis is good-bye.

I guess this isour last chance to...

Prepare to be Dazzled.


[S.I.L.C.A. shuddering]

(S.I.L.C.A.)I really like you, Dazzle.

(Dazzle)Ah, S.I.L.C.A.



(S.I.L.C.A.)My bars are trembling.

My ba-ba-ba-bars...

- [voice warping]- [sighs]


Aw, I'm afraidthis love-making session

must be cut short.


(Ice Ivory)Ha, this crystal blade

will slice you to ribbons!

Ice Ivory, please.

I am in lovewith this building.


Shut up, you ungrateful whoreof a prison.

But I'm not a whore, Mama!

I control you, S.I.L.C.A.

You're here to serve me.

[Ice Ivory screaming]

(S.I.L.C.A.)Mama, I'm sorry!