Born in the Valley, Hollywood Finale

  • Season 1, Ep 12
  • 01/06/2014

Brody performs at two of the year's biggest comedy festivals and throws himself a rooftop birthday party to celebrate all that he's accomplished.

Who knew two years ago thatI would spend 17 daysin the UCLA Psych Ward?

Who knew that I would doa half-hour in Bostonand crush it?

Who knew that I would goto Arizona and reconcilewith my good friend Teina?

Who knew that I wouldbe closer with my sister?

I fought with my sisterStephanie for years...

and we're back together thanksto this adventure, this journey.

Mom, I'm doing great.I'm walking on South Beachright now.

I'm in the water.Can you believe that?

If you suffer with depressionat any level, get help.

Let people know you're notfeeling good.

I told everybody, I'm notfeeling good. I need your help.

And people want to help. Theywant to be there for you.

I love you. I love Daisy.I love Stephanie.

I love my family.I love Comedy Central.

I love my doctors,my therapist, my friends...

Teina, the San Fernando Valley.

I am back, Mom and d--oh, you gotta go.

Your dog wants her breakfast.Okay.

That was my mom.

Buddy Hackett once told me...

comedians feel pain more thanmost people, because that's ourtrade.

We don't sell furniture,we don't sell cars,we sell our emotions.

Brody has gone throughsome terrible [BLEEP]...

but look where he's at now?

He's got his own show andhis own stand-up special.

I mean, he lost some battlesbut he's winning the war.

Oddball Comedy and CuriosityFestival.

Dave Chappelle,Flight of the Conchords...

flip-flopping with me...

on the second stage.

This is big! Yes! You got it!

What a round of applause.I didn't ask for that...

but I will accept it.

I'm walking throughthe audience with Jesus.

That's what I do.Two Jews hanging out.

Arms crossed, negative energy.What's going on here.

May be anti-Semitic,that's what I'm picking up on.

Sorry for spitting on you.You got it.

This is fun, right?

Brody, this is so cool.

I come to every show early towatch you every show. I love it.

You're like a master crowdworker.

You think so?Yeah.

Will you bring me up lateron the main stage?

Are you serious?Yeah, of course.

That'll be great.Hype 'em up for me.


The Oddball Festival has landed.

And tonight, we gota great host for you.

Let's give him a nice,huge ovation!

Say hello to Jeffrey Ross!


Hey, it's Jeff Ross again.And we're still here.

It's my dressing room, Brody.

Oh.Oh, is it?

You have to admit, you likebeing here backstage.

It's Sunday, normally you'rehome watching Murder She Wrote.

You guys look like sisters.

They look like sisters.We do, totally, right?

What-- you stop that.

So gross.

Stephanie, wave to the camera.

We did it.

We've come full circle.Right, Stephanie?


Enjoy it!Say that, Stephanie.

Go, "Enjoy it."Enjoy it.

Little louder. Enjoy it!

Enjoy it.

A little more, Stephanie.Enjoy it!

Enjoy it.


Right, Stephanie?Yes.

Let's go.

We've gonethrough a long journey...

and now,it comes to the end.

CAMERA (O.S.):What advice would you giveBrody for his career?

I'd say calm down.

When I started doing stand-up...

I used my own neurosis...

to fuel being on stage.

And when it goes great, you'relike, "Everyone loves me."

And when it goes bad,you're like, "I'm a [BLEEP]piece of [BLEEP]."

It's better to tryto find balance.

This could be something that...

he's all the better for...

because he's come outthe other side.

Watch your step.

JACKIE (O.S.):He was lucky that it happened...

that he finally was ableto face what was going on.

Steven's still angryat certain people...

but he's beginning to understandhimself a little more.

The truth of it is, is thathe's a very dear friend...

and he means a lotto a lot of people.

I would really like to seeBrody settled...

and at peace with himself.

All of us have goodand bad parts.

We have to acknowledge themand own them.

CAMERA (O.S.):If there was another seasonof Brody's show...

Do you think the formatwould need to change?

No, I think it's a simplething... re-cast Brody.

All you gotta do is get StanleyTucci with a prosthetic...

and you got yourselfa new Brody.

We made it full circle.

Brody got knocked downand he picked himself up...

with the support of hisfriends and medication.

Lamictal, eye browsgrowing back...

I don't see a scar.Who's got a scar? Not me.

Ten percent gay, you got it!( VESPA HORN BEEPS )

And I don't care what...( BEEPING CONTINUES )

you think about that. Yes!( BEEPING CONTINUES )

Oh, it's Zach.I'm talking to the camera.

This is my moment!Brody Stevens: Enjoy it!

Comedy Central's first drama!( BEEPING CONTINUES )

Zach, I'm talking to the camera.

I know, but let's go.

Zach, I appreciate, you know,everything you've done for me.

Thank you for being a friend.

Thank yo--( LOUD BEEPING )

Come on, let's go.

Thanks for the offer, Zach...

but I got my own Vespa.Yes! Whoo!



Let's go!


You okay?I'm okay.

You all right?I'm okay.