The Butterjunk Effect

  • Season 7, Ep 6
  • 07/18/2012

Amy and Leela join the Butterfly Derby and become addicted to the nutritional supplement Nectar.

And you!

As God is my witness,I'll never forgive you for this!


Hey, just 'causehe's your boyfriend

doesn't mean you get himall to yourself.


He's mine! There's nothingmore to talk about.

No, no, keep talking.

Um, Amy, I hope I'm notout of line, but...

Shut up, Kif.

How dare you talkthat way to my Kif?!

This planet's got it going on.

Eternulax the Immortal,dead at the age of 26.


Now here's Sportsbot 5000to tell us

about two local gals,Amy Wong and Turanga Leela,

who have won 15butterfly derby bouts in a row,

even as rumors swirlthat they're juicing up

with the controversialnutritional supplement

known as nectar.


(monotone):That's pretty much it.

LINDA:Riveting stuff, Sportsbot.

Yo, yo, yo.What's up, ladies?


Uh-oh.The bullies are back.

Leela, Amy, I like astalwart, feminine physique

as much as the next fellow,but this nectar worries me.

You should be worriedabout this!


Easy, Amy, easy.

Professor, there's nothingwrong with nectar.

It's all-natural.

So are carrots,but you don't see me

injecting thembetween my toes.


(clears throat)Uh, Leela?

I was wondering if you'd liketo go out with me again.

Maybe play some miniature golfor colossal tennis?

Sorry, Fry.

I already got a doubledate with Arm and Hammer.


Bender, you want to goout and do something?

Oh, so now I'm yourlast-resort booty call, huh?

Okay, let's go.