South Beach Comedy Festival 2007

  • Season 1, Ep 1

Dave Attell chats with Jeff Dunham about building and flying his own helicopters, and Dan Cummins compares two very different parts of the U.S.

-I'm Dave Attell withThe Comedy Festival.

I'm interviewing some of thegreat comics that are here.

And of course, itwouldn't be a festival

without Jeff Dunhamand, of course, Walter.

-Hey, how you doing, Dave?

Good to see you.

-Thanks for having us, Dave.It's a pleasure to be here.

-Wherever you are on theroad, I'm usually there a week

before, week after, totallysold out, always a big turn out.


-Now, my crowd'sa drinking crowd.

What's your crowd?

What's your crowd like?

-Yeah, you know, we getthat blue collar crowd.

We get the guysthat drink a lot.

But we also-- you knowwhat is weird, though?

It's weird because thecrowd before I started

the Comedy Centralstuff was a bunch of

-Middle aged women.


-Very middle aged.

-And now with Comedy Central,it's a much younger crowd.

So they drink; they smoke.

Maybe it is kindof your crowd, too.

But they like puppets.

-They like puppets.

I'm glad he said that.

Now, of course, a lotof you who are fans

are wondering, where'sJalapeno on a Stick?

Right now, he's in immigrationcourt somewhere in San Antonio.

But we're hoping the best.

He'll be out on the roadas soon as possible.

Here's a rumor I heard.

And I gotta hear the truth.

Do you or do you notfly your own helicopter?

-Oh, yeah, I fly my ownhelicopter that I built.


-Can you believe that?

Can you believe that?

You people don't evenknow how amazing that is.

You thought it was like, Iheard a rumor, blah, blah, no.

This is the MO onJeff here, that he

has his own helicopterthat he built.

Now, a lot of thecomics during the day

are so hung over they can'teven put together a VCR

or like that.

This guy has builtan actual aircraft.

How did that happen?

-Well, I got into it when Iwas in college, built a kit.

I've built three differentones, and I fly them all.

But the part is when somebodystarts working for me, be they

manager, agent, publicist,the deal is before they start

working with me, theyhave to go flying with me.

-That's their test?


-They got the balls--

-If they have theballs to do that--

-On the Dunham team.-Exactly.

-Now, here's another one, whenyou do radio in the morning,

which is what comics have todo to promote their shows,

you bring Walter.

-It doesn't make anysense if I don't.

-Of course I'm there, Dave.

I have to go tothose radio things.

It's more fun.

-You do?


It's the theater of the mind.

-This is a little intervention.

He's not alive!

It's not a real thing.

You're doing itcoming out of him.

It's a hand.

-Don't kill the illusion for me.

-Bring in your parents!

Come in here, tell them!

No, thanks a lot, brother.

I really, reallyappreciate it, man.

-Thanks.-Jeff Dunham.

Of course, Walter.


-You can catch them on tour.

Go to comedycentral.comfor his upcoming dates.

-Dave, this has been a pleasure.

You're awesome. [inaudible].-Well, thanks.

-I don't care.

-Mm, turn it!

-Oh, look who elseis on the red carpet.

We're here with Mr. Dan Cummins.

-Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

-One of the comics performingon the Lincoln Road stage

this week here at the SouthBeach Comedy Festival.

Dan, you're fromSpokane, Washington?

-Actually, uh, Riggins, Idaho.

But yeah, I live in Spokane now.

Yeah, Spokane man.

-All right.

And does Spokane comparewhat South Beach, Florida?

They're pretty comparable?

-Yeah, it's pretty identical.

Like, sometimes I think thatI'm in Spokane when I'm walking

around here, like bythe beach in 70 degree

weather and all thebeautiful people.

I'm like, am I in myneighborhood or in Miami?

-It's hard to tell.


-I mean, the peopleare all to similar.

Dan and I are both doingthe outdoor Lincoln

Road stage here at the Festival.

How do you like the outdoorshow setting so far?

-Um, you know, eight-year-oldkids and homeless people are

a big target demographic forme, so I feel good about it.

-They're everyone's targetdemographic these days.

-Right, yeah.

Uh, senior citizens, smallchildren, and homeless people.

If I could havethat every show, I

think my career wouldbe a lot further along.

-I think it would be great, too.

-Actually, it is fun, though.

It's a lot more fun thanI was, uh-- it's fun.

-Dan, thank you forchatting with us.

Dan Cummins, performinghere at the South

Beach Comedy Festival.