I'm Sorry, Chelsea

  • Season 1, Ep 3
  • 12/09/2013

Brody decides to apologize to Chelsea Handler for the way he behaved when he worked as the warm-up act for "Chelsea Lately."

The day I left was a day thatI didn't plan on havingproblems.

But those problems arose.

The crew guys were goofingaround, you know,rattling the curtain.

Trying to get a rise out of me.

So I went up to one of theproducers and I said...

"These guys are talking in thereand kind of driving me nuts...

"and I'm trying to warm upthe audience and I can't."

And he goes, "What do you wantme to do about it?"

I go, "Nothing,I'm just telling you."

So he says, "Just go outthere and warm up."

And I go, "I do morethan just warm up the audience,I'm an actor.

"I do movies. Thank you."

And I raised my voice back thereand I think I scareda make-up girl.

Maybe the comedian was scared.

They didn't know what washappening.

So then I went outand I warmed up the crowd.

But once the taping started,I kind of shut down.

I didn't put the energy out.

I was upset, and the showdidn't do very well.

And then the head executiveproducer came in and justblasted me...

and said, "This is it! Chelsea'smad, so-and-so is mad.

"You [BLEEP]ed up!"

Nobody asked me like whathappened, I just kindof got yelled at.

I saw Chelsea later that night,it was a holiday partyat her house.

And she said, "Well, Brody,I heard you had a problemtoday at work."

I said, "Yes, I did, I'm sorry."

And she goes, "We'll talkabout it on Monday."

And I just felt likeI was gonna get reprimanded.

Being that I'd been in troublebefore for a couple littleflare-ups...

audience members occasionallysaying that I was too hardon them.

And I wasn't the greatestaudience warm-up.

I would get on the audiencesometimes, maybe scare somepeople.

And I thought about itand I got nervous, I got scared.

And I went in on Mondayand I quit.

And they said, "Okay, bye,"and that was it.

And then nobody reached outto me like, "Sorry it endedthat way."

It was just kindof "see you later".

I happened to be a gueston Chelsea that dayon the round table.

I had heard that Brody walkedoff the set during his warm-up.

And he came to me, and he waslike, "I'm quitting tomorrow".

And I was like, "Don't do that,that is ridiculous."

And he's like, "I'mdisrespected" and it was thisweird thing in him...

that I'd never seen before,where he was really concernedwith being respected.

400 shows of Chelseaand I walked out on top!

You don't disrespect me!

You don't do it!

We're headed toChelsea Handler's house.

Am I nervous about today?Yes, I am.

There's trepidations,there's stress levels.

I haven't spoken to Chelseafor two years.

-Chelsea's show...-Mm-hm.

was a family to you, in essence.

And so when people didn'treach out, it is hurtful.

It's like, oh, we're turningour backs on you,when that might not--

Yeah, that hurt me.

I just felt like they hadto keep going, they havea show to do.

Of course.

And I felt like I had a lotto do with that show, as a partof the family.

So I kind of miss the funenvironment, the regularpaycheck.

So when that ran out, it kindof shifted me a little bit.

Do I think it had anything to dowith my episode? I mean--

But it did impact the stressorsin your life, meaning-- it was,yeah.

Yes, which may have indirectlyled somewhat to me goingwhere I went.

Talked to Chelsea, who knowswhat's gonna happen.



Oh, great.

Another bad decision by Brody.

I mean, even when I drive,I make bad, [BLEEP]ingdecisions.

Today I have an opportunityto possibly make things better.

She might go, "Brody, why didyou leave the show?

"Why did you causeweird energy?"

I go, "Because I'm immature.

"I'm not fully developed.I'm a late bloomer."

Oh, god.

Hi, Chelsea.

You brought me flowers?

-Yeah.-That was nice.

Hi, do you wantto give me a hug?

-Yes.-Hi, you look okay.

Different.I look different, right?


So, um, I left the show...on bad terms.

What happened exactly?

Because I don't really knowthe story about what happened.

I just know that you were havingsome sort of breakdown.

I had, um--

I had a run-in, maybe,I butted heads a little bit.


And I felt I was gonnabe in big trouble.

I feel bad for you anyway,so I wasn't mad at you,and I'm not mad at you.

I mean, you owe more of anapology to people that youinteracted with.

Because if I just saw you downthe hallway, I would always walkthe other way anyway.


But I appreciate your apology,it feels as sincereas it can get.

It's worked out perfectlythat you got a TV showabout apologizing to people.

-That's part of it.-Yeah.

What's the other part?

Showing my growth, showing megetting back into comedy.

I want to get back on late nightTV doing stand-up.

That's great,that's really good.


Well-- I mean,you seem better.

Your thinkingis a little bit more clear.

-Do you feel better?-My thinking is clear.

Because you-- were youin a mental hospital?

I went to-- yes.

Okay, that reaction is not clearthinking to being in a mentalhospital.

I was--

That's not hilarious,but it's kind of funny.

I was in Canada, at theMontreal Comedy Festival...

and I stopped taking my Lexapro.

And you went--

Which led to--

-Wow.-I know, yeah.

Are you on a differentmedication now?

You seem very-- like the mostnormal I think I've everseen you.

Yeah, I'm on a differentmedication.

I think this is working better.

I do feel more calm.

You're more engaging.

Before it was like you wereputting on a performanceeven in a conversation.


Which is very--

Hard to do.

-Or hard to take.-Hard to take.

Welcome back,it's good to see you.

It's good to be back.

So... yeah.

All right then, hi!

Aw, Chris!

Hi, Brody!How are you, buddy?

-Bro-dog, you look good.-Give me a hug.

-Good to see you.-What's happening?

-Get 'em amped.-I'm gonna get 'em pumped!

-Positive energy.-Lots of positivity.

-You're back.-I'm back.

Positive, in the moment.Right now.

-Hey, Jen.-You look so skinny.

-Really?-It's so nice to see you.

I'm so happy you're back.

I used to talk to Jen every day.I'd go into her office.

I don't have an office anymore,I'm just in a cube now.

I miss being here.

Well, you'll be back allthe time. You seem amazing.



You're so present.

You're not-- there's not likea veil of something else goingon in your head.

You're just so mellow,I love it.

That's what people say.

It's wonderful.

God, my whole episodehas really come full circle.

You know, if you live in thepast, that's depression.

If you live in the future,that's anxiety. I live in thenow.

I didn't know that.

Which is, uh, stress.

Um, he is back on the roundtable after being bannedfor a very long time...

and he will be at Bar Lubitschin Los Angeles May 31st,Brody Stevens.

Thank you. Thank you.

So, Brody used to be ouraudience warm-up guy...

and he was horrible at the job.

I did okay, you know.

I mean, you were okay, you werevery threatening to people.

Do you remember he usedto terrorize peoplewith that cow bell?

Ding, ding, ding,ding, ding, ding, ding.

You're like, "Even if you don'tthink something Chelsea saysis funny, you need to laugh!"

I believed in the show,you know?

Yeah, and now you're back.

I'm back,I'm honored to be back.

You're on better medication,right?

I'm on, I'm adjusting,I'm tweaking it.

So, yes, be very supportive,he's trying to make a comebackin comedy, I mean--

Or he's trying to get noticedfor the first time in comedy.

All right, I have to go backupstairs. I've been blowing offmy work all day.

Perfect acting, perfect acting.

I wasn't acting.

You're so sweet.