A Night In

  • Season 1, Ep 5
  • 04/22/2015

While Alan and Diana enjoy a romantic evening together, Del and the Dolfe brothers spend a traumatic night with Harvey Scoles.

Here you go, here.


It is harsh.

I never drank before.

You're so stupid, you let yourlittle brother convince you...

that you were a dope addict.

Yeah, I went to rehab...and it was awful.

He's a jackass. You'll doanything he says, won't you?

Yeah, I guess I will.

[JACK] Ooh.

Move over. Move over, guys.Ah, get in here,sit down with us.

Let me sit down.No, you're the best!

Oh, easy, Del! He holds hisliquor like a 90-pound girl.

Except he weighs about as muchas a double-wide trailer.

I'm fat.

He lives in a trailer!

Even I can afford to livein a motel.

Hey, remember, you rememberI kept sticking that gunin your mouth?


Is is loaded? Like,is it loaded? Is it loaded?

That's me!