Game Over

  • Season 3, Ep 3
  • 03/02/2016

Abbi's competitive nature comes out at the Soulstice Games, and Ilana takes on a new role at Deals Deals Deals when an important investor visits the office.

You got this,you're cool.

Be cool.Just be (bleep) cool, man.

(Trey) All right, guys, five minutes 'til we start.

Keep those muscles warm, all right?

Love you guys.

You think you're doing a V-snap?

Well, I'll lap your V-snap.

Master your V-snap.(cell phone vibrating)


What?I mean...

Hey, dude,how are you?

Is it okay if I tweet one ofyour "before" wax pics?

Which one?


Fine, just--just blur my face, okay?

Listen, I gotta go.(Trey) Four-minute warning.

(Ilana) Where are you right now?

Are you ata day nightclub?

No, I'm--I'm just hanging loose.

Just running errands.

How dare youlie to your wife?

I hear your teeth grindingthrough the phone.

You're at a competitiveevent, aren't you?

Let's just hold onand just listen to me.

I need you to just hear me outand just listen to me,

because--Ab-bi! August 4th.

2002. Camp Kweebec.Red Rover.

I remember, Ilana.

I remember the whole thing.

I remember everyone being so(bleep) jealous,

'cause I beat themso (bleep) hard.

All right, I'm coming thereas soon as I can.

Where are you?

Fine, you better(bleep) come!

I'm at the park wherethat dude sold my other sandal.



Good energy right there.All right?

Oh, you are absolutely fired,effective immediately.

You're right,it's time to change.

And I figured it out.

I want to you.

You need to leave.

Yeah, I-- ahem--Yep.

This is it, guys.

The last hurrah.

I'm really gonnamiss this place.

I'm gonna miss each of you.You're like family.

I'm gonna miss youwhite guy number seven.

You make Jews look good.

You're hot.

Goodbye, white guynumber three.

Love the man bun.You started the trend.

And goodbye, Adult Braces.

I got those offseven months ago.

Would you rather I go back to"Only Black Guy"?

Adult Braces is fine.

And you.

We are all proud of you,new girl.

I hired you.


And you.

Nicoletta, my princess.

My diamond.My Princess Di!

You are the reason I cometo work every other day.

You're the hardestone to say goodbye to.

Don't cry,don't cry.


Goodbyes are hard, but thisis not goodbye for you and me.

We will betogether again.

I am gonna crack that nut.

I think that'sjust about enough.

One last thing.

I'm leaving him here becauseI really do believe

in corporate morale.

(loud blowing)

You're sure?Yes.

(gospel music begins)

♪ Joyful joyful Lord

♪ We adore thee

♪ God of glory

♪ Lord of love

♪ Joyful joyful Lord

♪ We adore thee

♪ God of glory, Lord of love

♪ Hearts unfold like flowersbefore thee ♪

♪ Hail Thee as the sun above

♪ By the way

♪ What have you donefor Him lately? ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh yes

♪ Joyful joyful Lordwe adore thee ♪

♪ God of glory god of love

♪ Fill us

♪ Fill us with the light of dayLord, fill us ♪

♪ Fill us

♪ Oh we need you yes we do nowfill us ♪

♪ Fill us

♪ With the light of day, Lord

♪ Fill us

♪ With the light of day, Lord

♪ Fill us

♪ With the light of day, Lord

♪ Fill us

♪ With the light of day, Lord

♪ Fill us

♪ With the light of day, Lord

♪ Fill us

♪ Fill us withthe light of day ♪

(Todd, echoed)Nicole!

♪ Light of day


I need you to absorbIlana's deal.

(phone chime)

Day 511...

It ends.

I'm free.