• Season 6, Ep 1
  • 06/24/2010

After a devastating crash, the Professor attempts to resuscitate the crew with his birth machine.

(fly buzzing)

(sizzling, hissing)

Professor, my Fry-frois all frizzy.


Well, that's all.

Oh, also,

I'm covered with severe burns.

So? What of it?!

Well, why is... those things?


You mean you don't remember?

Nope, nothing. It's likewhen I passed out in college.

Except no one drew Magic Markerpenises on my forehead.

(sighing) Well, I supposeit's for the best,

considering the unbearablehorrors you've endured.

Let's never speakof it again.

It all began a few days ago.

We were interstellar fugitives,

on the run from the law.

Fire all weaponsand open a hailing frequency

for my victory yodel.

(weapons zapping, whooshing)

(zapping, explosions)

(all yelling, gasping)

(Brannigan yodelingover speakers)

(weak, yodeling groan)

And so, as you and Leela kissed good-bye

in a tender display of tonguesmanship,

we plunged into a massive wormhole,

never to be seen again!

Yeah, we're back.


Sweet Coincidenceof Port-au-Prince!

We're backat Earth!

Of course!

That was the Panama Wormhole,

Earth's central channelfor shipping.

(chuckles)How humorous.

Yes! It's sort ofa ComedyCentral Channel.

And we're on it now!

(gasps)I get it!


At least it's somethingto distract me from Leela.


Now thatI like,for some reason.


I like jelly beans!

Do you?

I sure do, honey.(sniffles)

PROFESSOR:Come, now, Fry!

You can't live outthis sick fantasy!

Not without our help.

These security tapes record

everything at Planet Express,

including the ship,shower and urinals.

And yet, it still hasn'tstopped the elusivebathroom burglar.

Maybe he's just tryingto feed his family.


Computer, analyze tapes

and extract personality profileof one Turanga Leela.

COMPUTER VOICE:Analyzing. Analyzing.

Checking my eBay bid.

(buzzer sounds)

Damn it!Well, back to analyzing.

Hey! I was nuzzling that!

COMPUTER VOICE:Attributes transfer.

Shoe size 12, et cetera.

(beeping, whirring)

Brace for emergency landing!

What?We survived the crash?

Oh, Fry!

♪ Party people inthe house say... ♪


This is wonderful!

The last thing I remember,I was dying in an explosion.

Yet here I am in the flesh,more alive than ever!


(clearing throat)

You bettertell her, Fry.

Tell me what?

Anyway, my work is done.

I'm gonna hitthe showers.



Nibbler, come giveMama a hug!(snarling)

(vicious growling)Aah! What the...Bad Nibbler!

Bad Nibbler!

Aah...! (grunts)

What are you doing,pooper-doodle?

It's me, Leela!

(dramatic musical sting plays)


(continues screaming)

(continues screaming)

(vibrating scream)


(screaming stops)


Am I really just a robot?

I mean, I haveLeela's memories,

her opinion of gazelles--


her emotions--

confused and hurt.

I swear, I didn't knowthis would happen.

The only thingI truly know is,

I love you.

I mean, her. Wait.

Help me out here. Ouch!