July 26, 2016 - Wyclef Jean

  • 07/26/2016

Michelle Obama delivers a showstopping DNC speech, and Larry discusses Bernie Sanders's endorsement of Hillary Clinton with Wyclef Jean, Jordan Carlos and Franchesca Ramsey.

Yes! Thank you very much!

Welcome to The Nightly Show! Man!

-(audience chanting "Larry!")-Whew!

Thank you very much. Please.

Thank you, oh, so much. So kind.

I appreciate it.I'm Larry Wilmore.

All right, man.It's time for the Democrats

to give us their reason why theythink that nice black family

should leave the white house.I don't know why.

I don't know why peopleare trying to do that.

So it's time to see what'shappening with the Unblackening.

(dramatic music playing)




(roaring, screeching)

It always scares me.

It always does.

Now, this country rarely agreeson anything,

but I think we can all agreethat last week's RNC

was a cluster(bleep).

In fact,the convention was so bad

that DNC ChairwomanDebbie Wasserman Schultz tweeted

to RNC chair Reince Priebusduring the convention,

"Hey, Reince-- I'm in Clevelandif you need another chair

to help keep your conventionin order."

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


that-that may have beena premature burn.

REPORTER: DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz forced

to step down after WikiLeaks released a trove

of embarrassing private e-mails by DNC executives.

Looks like the burnerhas become the...

one who got fired, apparently.

Run out of that joke analogyalready.

All right, so this wasalready... was starting out

to be a night of awkward.

And for a while,it lived up to the billing.

Uh, Baltimore MayorStephanie Rawlings-Blake, like,

forgot to bang the gavel,had to run back out.

Then you hadthis congresswoman's

quasi-twin, The Shining sisterwho, like...

Right? She came onstage fora shout-out but wouldn't leave.

It's a shout-out! Go on. Get.

Oh, and then you hadCrying Guy in a Peter Pan Hat.

Get over it. Stop crying.

You're a boyfor the rest of your life.

That's what you wanted,that's what you got.

Stop crying, right? But then...

but then, finally,somebody comes out onstage

and hits it out of the park.

King pointedto the mountaintop,

Kennedy pointed to the moon.

From Seneca Falls to thosewho stood at Stonewall Inn,

giants before us said,in a chorus of conviction,

"America, we will rise!"

Damn, Cory Booker.

You came out there swingin',son.

Quotin' Maya Angelou.

Even-even pullingsome-some church sweat dabbing,


And Hillary Clinton...

Well, y'all know it!


That's right! Mm-hmm.

Take 'em to church, Cory!

Take 'em to church!

That's right, rise.We will rise!

Got to take this off.

That brother's not that excitedabout Hillary, man.

I'm sorry. He just...he just wants to be president.

I can see what's going on there.He figures going in there...

See, this is what he was doing.He's having his, uh,

aught-four Obama momentright now, right?

"I'm-a go out there, man.I'm gonna kill it.

"I better hydrateso I sweat properly.

"Electrolytes, man.

"This is howyou become president!

"And the next day,I'm gonna be the only one

anybody's talking about."

Michelle Obama was spectacular.

She was splendid.

-So amazing.-Beyond amazing.

-An amazing job.-Great orator.

Show-stopping speech.

Just brought down the house.

The moment of the night.

I'm sorry, Cory who?

(chuckling):Oh, my God.

Oh, Michelle's speechwas so overwhelmingly good,

Cory Booker-- not making thisup-- filed a police report

claiming his thunder was stolen.Not making that up.

Absolutely true.

By the way, she didn'tjust steal his thunder--

she pulled up in a van andstraight-up jacked his thunder.

I watch my daughters,

two beautiful, intelligentblack young women,

playing with their dogson the White House lawn.

And because of Hillary Clinton,my daughters...

and all our sons and daughters,now take for granted

that a woman can be presidentof the United States.

(crying):Yeah, yeah, it's true.

After that speech,a lot of people thought,

that woman should be you!



I'm with her.

(applause and cheering)

All right.


Sorry. I apologize.

Now, for moreon last night's speeches,

let's go to Robin Thede,who's live

at convention headquartersin Philadelphia.

-So, Robin...-(applause)

So, Robin, all right, so,

what did you thinkabout the lineup last night?

First of all,Michelle looked amazing!

WILMORE:All right.

It's not about that,but respect.

-WILMORE: Okay.-Uh, the speech.

-The speech.-WILMORE: Yeah.

The speech was so incredible!

She gave me my wholeentire life, Larry!

Okay.Your whole entire life?


What-what do you mean, Robin?

-Her words!-Okay.

-Her words broughtpeople together. -Right.

She reset the whole toneof this election.

In her own words,"They go low, and we go high."


(cheers and applause)

She is a better speakerthan Barack, Larry!

They don't call herThe Closer for nothing!

Okay, okay, I get it.

I get it, I get it.

You really liked Michelle.

-Yes.-I get it, Robin.

Okay, but what aboutthe other speakers?

Um, how about like, uh,Elizabeth Warren?

-Did you, uh...-Who?

Oh, the lady that wentafter Michelle?

Yeah, she was cool,but she should have gone

before Michelle becausemy first lady brought it.

I mean, why can't Michellerun for president?

Is it too late?Is it too soon?

I don't know,everybody would vote for her.

Okay, Robin, all right.

Robin, you're a little obsessedwith Michelle right now, okay.

Uh, but luckily, we also sentFranchesca to the convention.

Maybe she did someactual, uh, reporting.

-Franchesca, are you there?-Yes.

-I was here the whole night.-Okay.

I was coveringthe Cory Booker speech.

Oh, great, great, great.

Uh, what are your observationsabout that?

-I got it all on my phone,Larry... -WILMORE: Uh-huh.

...but I threw that onceMichelle started speaking!

She was amazing!


Wasn't she great?!


And when she said,"I wake up every day

-in a house that slavesbuilt..." -Ooh.

BOTH: I need to get a housethat slaves built!


Oh, my...


Lad-ladies, quit...

Nobody's getting a housethat slaves built, okay.

Uh, the speech is the only thingyou remember from last night?

I mean, it was great,it wasn't...

it wasn't life changing.

There was a lotof other things that...

(Thede sputters)



What? What did I...

What did he just say?

(Wilmore groans)

You know what, let it go, girl.

Like Michelle says,"He goes low, and we go high."


Girl, I'm-a get mea slave house.

Okay, Robin Thede andFranchesca Ramsey, everybody.

Nobody's getting a slave house.

Get out of here.

Get out... All right.

So anyhow...

So the night of Michelle Obama

was all set up to showcaseBernie Sanders,

who had the most awkward taskof the evening,

to gently and inspirationallybreak up with his followers.

I understand that many people

here in this convention hall

and around the countryare disappointed.

Based on her ideasand her leadership,

Hillary Clinton must become

the nextPresident of the United States!

(convention cheers and applause)

(audience laughing)

Of course they're crying!

He's literally dumping themon national television.

Oh, my God.

"Look, you love me, I love you,

"but we can't reallydate anymore.

"Um, remember that personwe hate?

I want you to date her."

So Sanders supportersfeel jilted,

betrayed and even silenced.

And to show their anger,

uh, many wore tapeover their mouths

during last night's speeches.

Since they felt their voicesweren't heard,

we're giving one supportera chance to speak here tonight,

so please welcome Jackie Miller.

(cheers and applause)

Okay, so Jackie...

So, I just want to know, Jackie,so what's your end game here?

Flipping delegates?

Shaping the platform?

(muffled speaking)

Fair point, that's true,

but undecided voterswatching the convention

might think,the Democrats are in chaos.

(muffled speaking)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ted Cruz did sayvote your conscience,

and technically we do have morethan two parties, but...

(muffled disagreeing)

Okay, all right. You're right.

-You're right. Right.-(muffled disagreeing)

False equivalency-- okay.

Okay, you got me.You got me.

(muffled laughing)

(muffled speaking)


That's a very nuanced analysis

of the effects of a compromisedpolitical discourse.

You really broke it down, girl.

-(muffled): Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.-Wow.

Okay, so where are youwith Bernie right now?


So you feel that the promiseshe made of a revolution

in the political arena areundetermined by supporting

a candidate who seems to bethe antithesis of that?



All right. So, all right.

What did you thinkof Michelle Obama's speech?

She changed my life!


I'm-a get me a slave house!

-No! No! No!-(chanting): Slave house!

-Nobody's getting a slave house.-Slave house! Slave house!

Jackie Miller, everybody!

-We'll be right back-Yeah!

There's no slave house...

-(applause and cheering)-Welcome back!

Now, man, after witnessingthe full-blown circus

of the RNC last week, it's clear

that the future of the Americarests solely

in the handsof Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Look, Hillary,

we are at a level redapocalyptic (bleep) show.


And we desperately need you

to keep us from implodinginto the abyss, girl, all right?

-(applause and cheering)-Listen to me, Hillary!

I'm serious, girl!

If you don't turnthis thing around,

Donald Trump could very wellbe president!

-(laughter)-People are nervous up in here!


But I met someone at the WhiteHouse Correspondence dinner

who can give you some guidance.

Okay, so please welcome The Nightly Show's

political campaignstrategy expert, DJ Khaled.

(applause and cheering)

Bless up. Bless up. It's time.

It's me, DJ Khaled.

You know me from Major Keys.

Major Keys, a success inthe music business and in life.

And I got Major Keys' selection,

the election to successwith Hillary Clinton.

So y'all ready for some keys?

(cheers and applause)

Major key number one.

♪ Number one?!

You know Trump'sgonna fight dirty,

but if you come swingingwith that...

you know, that upper cutand that boom knockout,

you're going to be all right.

♪ Number two!

Hillary, you're a boss now.

When you're in the White House,

this timeyou're not just the First Lady.

You're not justthe Secretary of State.

You're the number one!

You are that special...

♪ Cloth, cloth, cloth, cloth.

Major key...

♪ Number three!

♪ Win, win, winno matter what! ♪

Getting endorsed by Barack--that's my guy!

That's the dawn.

(applause and cheering)

And that's a major key!

But a little Cîroc to takethe edge off is a nice vibe!

(laughter,applause and cheering)

♪ Bonus key!

DJ Khaled,the king of the anthems,

the king of Snapchat,

is officially endorsing...

Hillary Clinton...

(cheers and applause)

...to be the presidentof the United States of America.

We the best.

DJ Khaled, major key in Hillary.

Do me a favor.

You can go to iTunes right nowand pre-order my album.

(laughter,applause and cheering)

And it comes out July 29.

Hillary, that's a major key!

-(applause and cheering) -I hada feeling that'd be major key.

DJ Khaled, everyone!We'll be right back!

(cheers and applause)

Okay, welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor

-Jordan Carlos.-(applause and cheering)

And Nightly Show contributorFranchesca Ramsey.

(applause and cheering)

And his new EP...comes out this September.

You can hear the single"Hendrix" now.

Award-winning musicianand producer Wyclef Jean.

-(applause and cheering)-CARLOS: Ooh! -WILMORE: Uh-huh.

And for everyone at home,join our conversation right now

on Twitter @NightlyShowusing the hashtag #Tonightly.

Well, Michelle Obama's speech

-by far was the best speechlast night. -Yeah.

But Bernie Sanders' wasthe most important speech,

intended to unify the party,

but I thought it felt more likea breakup speech with his...

with his peeps, as they saidin the e-mails, right?

Um, right?

Um, how do you think he did?

Does the party feel united,or is there still a little...?

-It's gonna get united.-Uh-huh.

But, I mean, it was really hard.I mean, looking at it,

you know, it looked likeBernie was giving that speech,

-when you see the people crying.-Yeah.

Um, I was just like, man, weneed to legalize more weed, man.

(laughter, indistinct shouts)

-Agree. -Too emotionalright now, you know?

WILMORE: Yeah. They're in thethroes of the breakup, you know?

Yeah, yeah, you know,you make up to break up,

-Yeah. -and it's almost likeyou said, he was like, "Okay,

-"now I can no longerbe with you. -Yeah.

I want to turn you over now,"you know?

-(laughter)-Turn us over to who, man?

-Exactly. -You know?-CARLOS: "Go with her,"

that's... I mean,that's what he was trying to do.

I mean,it felt like, you know...

It was a classicbreakup speech, though.

He was like, "It's not... me,

it's... the political machine."

-You know? Um...-(laughter)

Which you hear a lot of.

You know, it was... it was sad.

I'm not convinced thatit did enough to unify things.

I think that there'sstill a wedge there.

Like, people were looking for,

like, breakup sexor something like that?

Yeah. Well, I mean, there arestages to a breakup, right?

-Right. -There's denialand anger and bargaining.

You know, they're like,you know, we saw a lot of that.

He was like, "You're gonnalike it over there with her."

And people were like,"No! No, Bernie!"

-You know?-I don't... I don't know

if it's gonna unify the party.

-I hope that it's going...-You don't think so?

I don't know.I feel like for the Democrats,

this feels kind of likegoing to the post office.

Like, you don'treally want to go,

but you-you really have toif you want to get those Zappos.

-And... -Yeah.-(laughter)

and so it's like, it's like,"Aah, this is really difficult."

And I hope that they get ittogether, because I'm scared.

-Uh-huh. -There's contention,there's contention right now.

I mean, that's what it is,and maybe that's

what a convention is--it's not a coronation.

You know what I mean?It's-it's, like, there's...

I mean, listen, I love Frozen as much as the next person,

-Right.-but it's not...


Oh, I guess... I guess Frozen is not a popular movie.


-Just not for a man in his 30s.-Yeah.

I have a kid!

I'm gonna... I'm not apologizingabout Frozen.

-WILMORE: Very fine movie.-Well, you know what, though?

-Uh-huh. -At the end of the day,he did endorse her,

and what I want allthe millennials to understand

-is he goes back to the senate,-Mm-hmm.

-and he really shaked upthe system. -Yeah.

And whether or nothe's gonna have power

when he gets back in the senateto really change things,

and I just want themto at least understand that.

So, you know, he's notdivorcing you all the way.

He shook up the platform.Is that what you're saying?

-Yeah. -Like, he definitelyinformed the platform.

He Uber'd it up.You know what I mean?

-(laughter)-You know what I mean?

Like cab dudes getting mad,like, "Yo, man."

-(laughter) -(bleep) Uber, man.You know what I mean?

You should stay with me, man.You know?

He disrupted the whole thing,is that what you're saying?

What did you thinkwhen Sarah Silverman, uh...

looked at the Bernie Brosand she said,

"You guys are being ridiculous"?

I thought... she handled themlike they were hecklers.

I mean, I thoughtthat was kind...

She handled themlike a comic would.

She was like,"All right, shut it down."

You know what I mean?And it... it worked,

but, um, I don't...it worked in the moment,

but that's not whatthose people are into.

You know what I'm saying? Like,they don't want to be told...

-they don't want to have...-JEAN: Can't we just grieve?!

-Yeah!-I think... I agree with her

that they were being ridiculous.

They even booed Bernie,you know?

It's, like, when the guyson the corner are like,

"Hey, queen,you got beautiful hair,"

and then when I don't respond,

they're like, "Nappy-headedbitch!" I'm like...

-(laughter) -"Is thathow you speak to your queen?"

-I know!-That's how I, like...

You were just the queen--what happened?

It's total betrayal.

-Uh-huh.-That's so funny.

Oh, my God. Now, this is...

uh, the DNC e-mail hackrevealed there are a lot of...

there were somequestionable things going on.

We talked about...we had Bernie on the show,

and I asked him about it,you know, months ago,

if he thoughtit was rigged against him,

and he thought so, but peoplego, "Aw, it's a conspiracy,

what are you talking about?"Can we show

a couple of them, Dre?

I mean, some of the thingsthat were said in it, um...

I mean, wanting to presentBernie as an atheist,

-or these types of things.-Yeah.

Uh, does the hack really hurtthe Democratic Party right now,

or do you think peopleare gonna forget about this?

This is how I look at it,man. Look, man,

the football's deflated, right?You feel me? So...

(panel laughs)

Wait, is-is thisa Patriots analogy right now?

You know, yeah, it is, man.Look, okay?

-Okay, we know. Let's...We slapped in the hands. -Right.

And let's keep it moving.

Because at the end of the day,it's Super Bowl time,

it's two par...it's two teams, and you're gonna

have to go with one, you know?Was it wrong? Yes.

But... And we have to move onbecause we're on the brink

of an election and it's either

we're gonna chooseHillary Clinton--

you know what I mean--

or Spock.We have to figure it out.

-I think that it's...-So, in your football analogy,

there was a fightin practice and you're saying,

"Yo, (bleep),we got to play a game."

Yeah, that's what I'm saying.I'm like, yo, okay, I get it,

like, you know,it-it's not all gonna be good.

Politics is dirty. I mean,I ran for president of Haiti.

-Lord, this is light work here.-How did that go?

-CARLOS: Lord, Jesus. -I'm justsaying this is light work here,

you know what I mean?But all I could do, man, is...

I'm telling you this-- remember,I told you this on the show--

more e-mails are coming,but... so you can't

let that distract you.That's gonna come.

-You know what I'm saying?-Mm-hmm.

The Russians are doingthe Bogle dance. They're like,

(Russian accent):"More e-mail are come.

We are send more e-mailto Donald Trump."

-Wait... -I was gonnasay that-- that they're

doing the Bogle dance,but thank you, Wyclef.

-That... Yeah.-WILMORE: I know.

Is this all gonnabe forgotten soon, you think?

It's politics, right?We have to move forward.

-But... a vote is emotional.-Yeah.

And that's what peoplehave to understand.

And we're going to move forward.

It's g-it's gonna be dirty,politics is dirty.

We've seen dirty electionsbefore, we just ne...

we've never seen iton the reality show level,

-you know what I mean?-Right. -Yeah.

But definitely, we have tomove forward, but I really

want people to understandthis is probably

the most crucial election inthese United States of America.

It's... I reallywant the millenials

to definitely get that.

Okay, so, just get readyto get dirty.

-And like it, right?-Yeah, yeah.

Get ready to get dirty!


All right, we'll be right back.

-Dirty!-(cheering, applause)

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We're almost out of time,but before we go

I'm gonna keep it 100.

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-Oh!-Right now, as we speak.

-Oh! -No, I've neverworn ladies' panties.

-That's very easy. -I don't knowhow to feel about that.

-No, no, it was a joke, it wasa joke, Holly. -Nah, nah...

-Never, not ever, not once?-No, not ever.

-Why would I wear...-Just as a goof?

No, I haven't.Thanks for watching.

Good Nightly, everyone.

-Nah, nah... -Thank you! See?I kept it 100.

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MAN: Ooh, sorry.