The 30% Iron Chef

  • Season 4, Ep 11
  • 02/14/2008

Bender challenges a famous chef to a cooking contest.

For the last time,Zoidberg

look with your eyes,not your claws.

Brace yourselves,Bender is making us brunch.

( all gasp )

Oh, God, my tract!

He's so proudof his awful cooking.

If we don't eat it,he'll be crushed.

All right, don't panic.

If we can get to the ship,we can fly north

and hide under the polarice caps for a few weeks.

Good idea.Great.

What's the holdup?

Fleeing somewhere?

( coughs )

With you blocking the onlyescape route? Don't be silly.

In that case, brunch is served.

Let's go.

Move it out.

Stop crying, Leela.

( Leela sobbing )

Zoidberg,are you coming?

Sure. Me.

Because I don't want youtouching that thing.

I know that.

Surrender your mysteriesto Zoidberg.

( shrieks )

Oh, no!Professor will hit me!

But if Zoidberg fixes it,then, perhaps, gifts.

( gibbering )

Oh. Ow. What?

( horrified groan )

Today, I've personalizedeach of your meals.

For example, Amy, you're cute

so I baked you a pony.


Come on, eat.

I slaved all dayover a filthy stove.

( humming merrily )


This is terrible.

Good thingI secretly installed

this wormholein the table.

Where does theother end come out?

You know, I'mnot quite sure.

Dear me.

( bell dings )

The pie is ready.

You guys like swarmsof things, right?

Casual hello, it's me,Zoidberg. Act naturally.

( clock cuckoos )

Ouch! Ouch!

Ooh! Get off of me! Ah! Stop!

How interesting, Dr. Zoidberg.

Do go on.

( humming )

Hey, check out the palm tree.

It only gets sickwhen I cook brunch.

How's thatfor coincidence, Professor?

With all your"precious" science.

( humming )

Man, I don't want to hurtBender's feelings

but this food actuallytastes better as vomit.

It's unbearable.

How much do you thinkit would cost

to get my tongue removed?

( sobbing )

( bawling )

( sobbing )

And this time, I mean it.

( siren wailing )

( crying )