Into the Wild Green Yonder Pt. 2

  • Season 0, Ep 14
  • 08/30/2009

Leela is thrust into the role of unlikely activist after a construction project jeopardizes lives.

LEO:Oh, yeah, I love miniature golf.

Love everything about it.

Except how damnminiature it is!

That's why I'm buildingthe universe's biggest

miniature golf course!

(mechanical whirring)

This the first tee.

Where's the hole?

On Pluto's moon, Hydra.

It's six billionmile, par two.

Tough shot,even for a man.



(thunderous boom)

LEO:Around the sun...

Bank off Jupiter...

And right into the...

(cursing in Chinese)

I'll be right back.



(cursing in Chinese)


It dropped in!

Put me down for a two!


Keep in mind,that just the first hole.

For full course, we gonnabulldoze this entire arm

of the Milky Way.

What?! You're gonnawipe out ten percent

of the galaxyfor a stupid golf course?

First of all,it 12 percent.

Second, yes,you betcha.

But you have no idea

what life-forms mightbe evolving out there!

That's exactly why I'mhiring an impartial scientist

to perform anenvironmental survey.

That him in themoney shower.

(giggling, whooping)

(helicopter fades)

(feedback whines)Everyone stay absolutely quiet!

That thing's on!Turn it off!

(feedback squeals)Oh, sorry!

(switch clicks)How do youturn it off?

(squealing)There-- didthat do it?

No!Still on!Shut up!

Wait, here'sthe button here.

(alarm wailing)



Hang on, now I got it.

(piercing feedback squeals)Let me give you a hand.


Ugh! This is awful.

I never meant

for our protest tohave any effect!

Maybe we shouldjust surrender,

and serve our six weeksin jail.

Hey, yeah!

We could do each other'stoenails and make shivs!

(both giggling)

That's crazy!

We've done nothing wrongother than killing

and dismemberingthe vice president.

We need to make a choice,sisters!

We can either keep pesteringcriminals

like Leo Wongwith silly slogans.

Yeah!That sounds good!

Let's do that!

Actually, I meant that

to be the less preferablealternative.

We can either chantslogans, or...

we can take action.

What was the first choice again?

I chooseto save the environment

by sabotaging Leo Wong'sgolf course!

Who's with me?!

Could we still useour bullhorns?

Absolutely. Bullhorns area core principle of ecofeminism.

Then I'm in.


(through bullhorn):Shh!