Martha Kelly

  • Season 5, Ep 11
  • 09/30/2016

Martha Kelly shares her opinions on animal rights, talks about her experience with getting sober and reads a letter from her deceased cat.

One of the four times thatI've moved from L.A. to Austin,

I drove there,

uh, with my four catsand my dog in the car.

And, um, I rented a giant SUV,

and I put these big kennelsin the back for the cats

where I hadfood and water dishes

and litter boxes and blankets.

But even withall those amenities,

there were a lotof angry accusations

coming from the back of the car.

Um, for a couple hours.

And then it just gotcompletely silent.

And that made mekind of nervous,

'cause I didn't know if maybethey were planning something.

So, I just pulled overand I called a family meeting,

and I just, um...

I explained to the cats, like,

"I know that this driveacross country is difficult,

"but living in Austin againis gonna make life better

"for all of us.

"And there is no (meows)

"in 'team.'


the first timethat I moved to Austin, Texas,

was in, uh, the year 2000.

And I moved thereand hit the ground running,

and I went out drinkingand smoking every single night

for a year straight.

And it was really funfor awhile,

but after a few months,

I started to feela little bit weird,

because beforeI moved to Austin,

I had kind of imagined myselfbecoming a new person

once I lived there.

It just had never occurred to me

that that personmight be Nick Nolte.

Bless his heart.


I quit drinkingin December of 2003 and, um,

I like being so...(crowd cheering)

Well, let's notget carried away.

Um... (chuckles)

It's fine. Like, I'm glad.

I actually-- I like being sober.

I'm used to it now,

but in the beginning,I did not like it.

It was really hard,

and, uh, for awhile,I just hated it.

And then after a few months,I realized that

since I was no longer spendingevery night getting drunk

and then every dayrecovering from the hangovers,

I had time and energy for stuffI'd never done before,

like cryingand cussing at strangers.