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Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV

Season 4 - Episode 406   |   Aired: 08/03/2003   |   Views: 189   |   Comments:

Bender becomes the new star of a soap opera, and a bad role model for children everywhere.


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140 Episodes

Into the Wild Green Yonder Pt. 1

Season 5 - Episode 513  |   Aired: 08/30/2009  |   Views: 1

Fry and Bender become adversaries in a high-stakes poker tournament in New Mars Vegas.

Into the Wild Green Yonder Pt. 4

Season 5 - Episode 516  |   Aired: 08/30/2009  |   Views: 0

As Leo Wong continues his destructive mission, Leela must put her blind trust in Fry to save the Violet Dwarf Star.

Into the Wild Green Yonder Pt. 3

Season 5 - Episode 515  |   Aired: 08/30/2009  |   Views: 0

Leela teams up with eco-feminists to save an asteroid's ecosystem, while Fry joins a tinfoil-wearing secret society to thwart a mysterious species from destroying all life.

Bender's Game Pt. 1

Season 5 - Episode 509  |   Aired: 04/26/2009  |   Views: 883

When dark matter becomes suddenly scarce, Fry, Leela and Professor Farnsworth must find a new source of the shiny black spaceship fuel.

Bender's Game Pt. 2

Season 5 - Episode 510  |   Aired: 04/26/2009  |   Views: 0

Professor Farnsworth leads the Planet Express team on a mission to destroy the corporate juggernaut controlling the world's supply of dark matter.