Three Hundred Big Boys

  • Season 5, Ep 11
  • 02/28/2008

A $300 tax rebate from the government prompts everyone to live out their aspirations.

though weak and womanlikeon the battlefield--

are mastersof the textile arts.

Taste like King Crab,by the way.

Crazy bugs actuallywove this tapestry

of my heroic conquest

while I was stillkilling them.

( sniffing )

What? It's not evenscratch-and-sniff?

But if rich peoplethink it's good, I'll buy it.

One art, please.

( laughing )

What a clever impersonationof a stupid poor person!

How much is that place matactually worth, Brannigan?

Exactly $1 billion.

Now that's walkin' around money.

NIXON ON BILL:What? Hey? ( howls )

( bell dings )

So I said to Kitty

the only way tokeep the butlerfrom running away

is to cut offhis foot.

Ah... ha-ha.


Yes, it reminds meof a joke I heard

about uppermiddle-class people.

( coughing )

( sobbing ):I've never been sadat a party before.

I wonder if mymind is thinking

about Kif being in jail.

Jail's not so bad.

You can make sangriain the toilet.

Course, it's shankor be shanked.

Of course.

Leela, are you there?

No.Oh, yes, you are.

I'm hereby inviting youand your oddball coworkers

to a special reception

to display the nationalsilk surplus.

I believe you know the heroicspace stallion who captured it.

Show them my medal, Kif.

( sighs ):He rented it withhis tax refund.

So, Leela, will youhave the pleasure?

What little there is to be had.

Tomorrow night at 8:00 then.

Smooches-- mwah!


No cheap crack housesfor me no more.

Very good, sir.

Shall I prewarmsir's crack pipe?

( panting )

Oh, Kif,

it was so romantic of youto rent this paddle plane

with your tax rebate.

We're like twodandelion seeds

wafting on the breeze.

( panting ):Yes. Seeds.


I almost feelkind of shallow

for blowing my rebate

on this cooltalking tattoo.

Hey, Gordon Gecko.

I cost as much as thiswhole crummy date.

Shut up!