The Prisoner of Benda

  • Season 6, Ep 10
  • 08/19/2010

A revolutionary invention allows the crew members to exchange minds.

This time I'm sure I'vefixed the mind-switcher.

Good, I'm sick of cleaning upthose heaps of dead monkeys.

But why would you wantyour mind in a new body?

Well, as a man entershis 18th decade,

he thinks back on the mistakeshe's made in life.

Like the heapsof dead monkeys?

Science cannot move forwardwithout heaps.

No, what I regret is the youthI wasted playing it safe.

I wasted my youth porking out.

Yes, I remember.

Would you please take that down?

It's making me hungry.

Funny, I could usea little extra meat on my bones.

Wait a second.

If we switched bodies,I could live life to the extreme

and you could indulgeyour demonic food lust.

(gasps)We're just the people

this mind-switcherwas made for by us.

Wait, can I stillchange my mind?

Let's find out.

AMY'S VOICE:It didn't work, youdoddering old...


PROFESSOR'S VOICE:Ah, cartilage.

Dude, I bid youa fond cowabunga.

I'm off to laughat the reaper.

BENDER'S VOICE:Stupid air-needing lungs.

(gasps)The crown jewels.

Now I just have

to locate the guard andseduce him in... four seconds?!

MALE VOICE:Who goes there?

Three, two, one.

(singsongy):Hello, big boy.

(humming porn music)

Silence.I am Basil,

the emperor's cousinand chief of his royal guard,

and I shall not beseduced by a...


I said...

(humming porn music)


(pained groaning)

(grumbling in Chinese)

Professor,what's the matter?

I'm Amy.

The professor and Iswitched bodies.

Oh, Lord.All I wanted was togorge myself a little,

but I can't digest anythingwith these false teeth

and this hit-or-miss colon.

At least you geta senior discount at the movies.

I hate paying $14 to seeNicolas Cage solve things.

If you want to save two dollars,we could switch bodies.


We can always switch back,right?


Hey, Leela.

Mmm, what smellssaturated?

AMY'S VOICE:Deep-fried ice cream sandwich

wrapped in frostingand lightly baconed.

Whoa, that sounds like somethingAmy would say and eat.

I am Amy.

Leela and I used the professor'smind-switching machine.

So Leela's in your body?

LEELA'S VOICE:Not exactly.

(cringes)See, you do onlylike me for my body.

That is entirely not true, sir.

(muffled protesting)

Now to go switch bodieswith Zoidberg,

sneak past the metal detector,and clip the alarm wires,

all in less than...ten minutes ago?!


(sensor beeps, alarm blares)

Uh, could you come backwhen my chump gets here?