You Would Bang Her?

A focus group of guys weighs in on the show, God helps Amy through a herpes scare, and a new secretary struggles to keep people from barging into her boss's office. (21:13)

Okay everyone,thanks for participating

in this focus group.

I'm going to be asking you somequestions about the show

"Inside Amy Schumer",everyone understand?

Okay. So first question,what do you think about

the balance between thesketches and the stand-up?


Yeah, I thought hertits were great.

Like, really good tits.

But her facewas just okay.

Just so-so face, man.

(man)So-so face, okay.

How about the balance betweenthe stand-up and the sketches?

Dave, you hada thought.Yeah.

Um, she looked betterin the stand-up, for sure,

but then there was just way,way hotter chicks in the skits.

So it was really hardfor me to say...

And also, I like the skitsbetter when you saw sideboob,

kind of, but notthe close-ups of face.

Like, way less face,but more sideboob.

That's whatI would say.(man)Okay.

Is this something you guyscould see yourselves DVRing?

I would probably bang her,if that's what you mean?

Seriously, dude?


You wouldn't bang her?I don't know.

Is it crazy thatI would bang her?

Dude, yes, you would.

Like, if no one hadto find out ever.

Like, you justbang her--If nobody finds out?

Just bang, dude.Then I'm banging her.

I would, yeah.

Okay, so everyone wouldbang her if nobody knew.

(man)If nobody knew.I'd like to bang her.

(man)Like to bang her.

(man)Great, this isawesome, guys.

Yeah, I got a questionabout the writing process.

Okay, sure, go ahead.Are the writers hot?

If I could interject, I likedthe routines where she was on

the street talking to people andI appreciated how it had a sort

of feminist bend ona male-skewing network.

Okay, great.

But I must say, I wouldenjoy the routines more

if she had likea 10% better dumper?

Thank you.Yes.

Downstairs better?(man)Yeah.

Okay, everyone agreeswith that, right?(man)Yes, absolutely.

It's just gotta bea better turtle part, man.

Okay, last question.

On a scale of one to 10, howfunny was "Inside Amy Schumer?"

You can write your answers onthe cards in front of you.

One to 10, guys.

Everyone ready?

Okay, everyoneshow your cards.

Okay, so... okay, great.

Um, I'm going to give yourinput to the network and uh,

here's your payment.

Beef sticks andenergy drinks.


Couple of 'em saidthey would bang me?

(man)Your wedding day.

Memories that willlast a lifetime.

And you deserve to have thosememories captured by a true

professional,not ruined by some hack

who can't accommodatedifferent skin tones!

Click! Hi, I'mMartin Daniels,

Interracial WeddingPhotographer.

I'll make sure your wildlymismatched skin pigments

don't stand in the way ofa flawless wedding portrait.


My work speaksfor itself.

I photographed literallydozen of satisfied couple,

like these two here.

Wendy is Asian and Josh is,guess what, a Jew.

Real original, Josh.


My two separate but equal lightmeters allow me to capture

the pastiest whitesand the darkiest darks.

Even though your union doesn'tlook right through the Lord's

eyes, I'll stilltake the picture.

Who am I, jury duty?

And my specialized editingsoftware lets me disguise

the disapproving looksfrom your relatives.

Can I do Persianand black? Yes!

Jewish and Namibian?Yes!

Irish and indecipherable?Why not?

Korean and Mexican?


No you have to drawthe line somewhere.

Will I photographsame race couples?


I offer a 30% Stick WithYour Own Kind discount, click.

But if you insist on saying,"I do" to someone who grew up

in a house that smelleddifferent than your house,

you can count on me,Martin Daniels,

Interracial WeddingPhotographer.

So, Gabe, you editand produce porn.Yeah.

How did you get startedworking in porn?

My friend told me, "If you wantto work in TV, find a production

studio that makessomething you love."

So I was like, let mefind a porn studio

that makessomething I love.

What's the name ofthe last porn you shot?

Um, it is called"(Bleep)more."


Is this about me?It's not.

We can Photoshop yourface on the cover--

(Amy)I'd appreciate that.

What's your favoritescene you've ever shot?

The thing I'm most proud of isa double penetration shot we,

we got away with.What's that?

I'm just kidding.Oh, man, okay.

'Cause I couldtell you.

No...Would you ever do it?

Oh no, no,God, no.Why?

I don't know if I gotthe body for that.

Like--Come on.

I could work it,but like, not--Girl.

Is it more important to havea good body or a huge (bleep)?

We've gotten some older guyswith like, craggy faces and

like, really saggy, butthen they have these like,

giant 11-inch dicks.Giant dongs.

What do you do?It's like a chest-downkind of thing.

So you'll like, pan up to theirface every now and then--

Ooh, ooh, ooh.Like, he's a human!

And then youjust go back.Right.

"We promise!

This isn't a centaur."

What if someone's justlike, a really bad actor?

Like, so bad.

Have you everreplaced anyone?

Like, you'd besurprised how many people

don't show uplast minute.

So sometimes we'll have like,backups, that we'll call like,

a half hour before and be like,"Yo, is your butt clean?

Come over."So cute.

That's how they ask meto get ready for the show

in the morning.

"Schumer, cleanyour butt."

I'm like,"I don't wanna!"

What's the worst thingyou've witnessed this year?

Usually what I haveto do is get that like,

beneath the(bleep) shot.Okay.

So it's almost likeyou're a tiny ant

and you're juststaring up at...That's cute.

What a cute metaphor.

This is getting--why is this so cute?

I don't know.You've likea weevil.

You're like, "So I'min 'Fraggle Rock'."

Oh my God.So this dude,he like,

um, pulls his (bleep)just as he's (bleep)--

You're not like,wearing a poncho--No.

You're not ata Gallagher show.No.

And I kid you not, it waslike Niagara Falls.

It was just like, a wave oflike, (bleep) to the face.

This sounds like theworst case scenario.It was really rough.

And it's like, somehow by thegrace of whatever God exists,

it missed my mouth.