Kevin Hart travels to Texas and hosts stand-up from Houston-based comics Alfred Kainga, Ken Boyd, Crystal Powell and Tim Mathis. (20:41)

- It's our hometown.- Let's talk Houston.

Let's talk comedyright now.

- I'm originally fromthe other H-town.

That's Harare, Zimbabwe.- Okay.

[laughter]Okay, okay.

- There you go.

The other H-town.You dig?

- Yeah.- I'll say Houston

is the dope training ground.

When I first started,my first show, terrible.

- How bad?- When I tell you it was nothing

but old-school,Jheri curls, and gold teeth--

like, the single gold tooth.- The one in the middle.

- With the--the the martiniglass in it,

you know what I'm saying?[laughter]

I think the biggest laughI got was, like, a "tss."

And that was from me,I did that.

I was--I was on stage.

- That's hard to take.Like, what I've learned is,

the harder the setup,the harder I got to go in there

and prove myselfand do a good set.

'Cause I learned that the hardway. Like, pfft,

"Man, I'm in somebody's kitchen.

Let me go in hereand knock this out."

Negative.- It's not enough work.

- You can't--you don't--yeah, you can't just see--

- Right.Simple and plain.

- I'll dig into it right now.

I was fired from this buildingthree weeks ago.

- He's been waitingto say that.


- Is this a major setback?Is this--

- Here's the thing,I got into comedy

because I got laid offfrom a radio station.

- Mm-hmm.- Then I looked around.

I saw open mic comedy. I said,"I've always wanted to do that."

So from that situation,it gave me the love of comedy.

And now,with this situation,

I'm already, you know,established and everything,

so why not?- Hey, brother,

no door openswithout another one closing.

- There you go.- Exactly.

- What are you expectingto get from this show,

from this performance?- What?

- Man.- My own boulevard

back in Africa.[laughter]

Man, look, a boulevard.

This right hereis a game-changer, Kev.

You don't understand.- Thank you.

- This is major exposure.- Mm-hmm.

- I'm talking about--but I got family in England,

family in Australia,you know what I mean?

I'm booking daysto Sydney right now.

- Yeah.- They don't even know me

there yet, but as soonas that show comes up?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.- Well, I'm going.

You know, so that's whatI'm believing.

- I like it.- That it's just gonna change,

and it's just gonna propelout careers to the next level.

- So many doorsthat can be opened up

through stand-up comedy, man.- Pie is so big,

everybody can share it.- Yeah.

It's enough for everybody.- Yeah, everybody can.

So tonight, man, let's go downhere to Cafe 4212

and make it do what it do, man.I'm looking forward.

I'm glad we got to talk, guys,all right?

- Yay. Whoo!- My brother.

Sounds good to me.- Thank you, guys.

- Kev.

[hip-hop music]

Round of applause if you a fanof old-school hip hop.

[cheers and applause]

That's whatI'm talking about.

I'm telling you, man,these new-school rappers

have lost touch with reality.

The stuff they talk about,we can't relate to.

Talking about Bugatti.

Man,that's a million dollar car,


and you just so happenedto wake up in one.

Here I am,listening to your music,

while I'm drivinga '99 Kia Spectra.

[laughter and applause]

Telling me you want meto buy your other album.

Uh, guess what?I got the internet now.

I'm gonna downloadyour shit for free.

'Cause it sound to me likeyou're doing just fine, yeah.


Now, ladies and gentlemen,listen.