Why are there ads?

The Comedy Central Science Research Lab has not yet developed a tree that grows money. Until we figure that out, please spend a few moments of your day with our advertisers.

Something's not working. How can I get technical support for issues on CC.com?

Contact us at help@cc.com. Please be sure to let us know what browser and operating system you were using when you experienced the problem.


How do I livestream content on the cc.com site?

To watch the live channel digitally, log in to the app and then select the "Live TV" tab. You can stream away for the rest of your life (or until your responsibilities get in the way).

Can I watch full episodes on my phone or tablet?

Of course. Download the free Comedy Central app for iOS and start watching. New episodes become available the day after they air on TV, plus you can watch hours of stand-up specials, digital shorts, extras and selections from our archive.

Can I watch full episodes on my phone or tablet?

How do I get help with the Comedy Central app?

The app contains an in-depth FAQ that may answer your questions. After you've downloaded it, tap the CC logo and select Settings > FAQ. You can also contact us with app-related questions, comments, compliments and complaints: help@cc.com.

Can I watch full episodes on my desktop?

You sure can: Comedy Central full episodes.

Do I need a TV provider to watch full episodes?

You don't need a TV provider to watch the latest full episodes of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Nightly Show  and @midnight -- on desktop or on the Comedy Central app. Digital shorts and select episodes are also available without a TV provider. To access other full episodes, sign in with your TV provider.

Are full episodes available digitally outside the U.S.?

No, sorry. No, lo siento. Non, desole. No, mi dispiace. Nein, tut mir leid. Onay, orrysay.

I have another question about full episodes.

Contact us at help@cc.com. Please be sure to let us know what browser and operating system you were using, if you're writing about a playback problem. Include the name of your TV provider, if applicable.


How can I find out what's playing on Comedy Central right now, or what's going to be on later?

Check the Comedy Central TV schedule. It'll show you what's on now, and you can search for upcoming air times for your favorite shows.

Are Comedy Central shows closed-captioned?

All of our on-air programming is closed-captioned. On digital platforms, all full episodes and stand-up specials are captioned.

My favorite show is gone. What happened?

We try to let you know as soon as possible when a show is going to return. Here's the list of current and recent Comedy Central shows. If you're looking for another show, use the search function at the top of the site. We don't always have an exact date for a show's return, but that show's page will tell you as much as we know. If a show is not returning, you can still watch its available videos on CC.com.

What about the late-night shows? Some weeks they don't air new episodes, but then they come back. What gives?

Like anyone else with a busy job, the folks who produce our late-night shows need to take breaks once in a while. We call these breaks dark weeks, and there are about 10 or 12 of them per year, usually around major holidays. (Fun fact: Sometimes the show's staff works right through the dark week, even if they're not producing new episodes. TV doesn't make itself, people!)

I have another question or comment about Comedy Central programming.

Send us a message at help@cc.com.


How can I get tickets to attend a taping of a Comedy Central show?

Check availability and reserve tickets online using these links.

          The Daily Show tickets

          The Nightly Show tickets

          @midnight tickets

Where can I buy Comedy Central DVDs, shirts, toys and other gear?

Head over to the Comedy Central Shop. Check back often for special deals and offers.

How can I get tickets to see my favorite comedian on tour or find out when s/he is going on tour?

Go to CC:Live for tour dates, tickets and information about Comedy Central Certified Clubs, where you can catch the best live comedy in the known universe.

Can I buy full-length stand-up specials?

Can you ever. CC:Direct has dozens of uncensored comedy specials that you can watch on your phone, tablet and computer for just $5 a pop. Did we mention you get unlimited streams and downloads? Because you get unlimited streams and downloads.

I have another question or comment about tickets, DVDs or merchandise.

Send us a message at help@cc.com.