Hammered in Space

You didn't think we were going to say "sloshed in space," did you?

You haven’t appreciated space exploration until you’ve heard drunk comedians slur about it incoherently.

  1. Kyle Kinane Gets Sloppy for the First Space Walk

    Things that could go wrong on a space walk: malfunctioning spacesuits, broken shuttle hatches and horny bears. Good luck.

  2. Hitler Twists a Rocket Scientist’s Arm

    Picture this: You’re a professional rocket-builder (physicist?) who’s spent your whole life dreaming of space, and then who of all people shows up to ruin everything? Hitler. Just your luck.

  3. Space Is Perfect for Sleeping

    Or for eating powdered roast beef, which apparently you could do in the 60s. Enjoy the story of Gordon Cooper’s historic trip to space, complete with Laura Steinel making explosion noises, because why not?

  4. UFOs Aren’t Real — or Are They?

    No, they are not. That whole Roswell alien cover-up was actually a smokescreen for a top-secret Pentagon project involving weather balloons, which the military didn’t want anyone to learn about. Probably because of how stupid it sounded.

  5. The Universe Is Like, “Find Out About Me!”

    Space is loud. That scientific discovery might not sound important, but it was. It also involved a lot of pigeon murders. Allow a wasted Jenny Slate to explain.