Roast of Rob Lowe – Stopping by the Selfie Station

The night’s special guests took a hard look at themselves before letting the dark side take over.

The realm of the Roast is a place where decency goes to die, where people’s cruelest instincts are unleashed on their fellow man and where dick jokes are traded like hellos. In other words, it’s ugly. Graciously, we provided the event’s luminaries with the opportunity to hold onto a memory of their pre-Roast innocence at our selfie station before getting filthy in the mudslinging.

Here we remember Nick Swardson, who quaked with fear before the power of the so-not-OK burns to come.

Drunk History’s Derek Waters and Steve Berg may be in the throes of merriment now, but it’s going to take more than a night of drinking to forget the savagery they’re about to witness.

Ann Coulter’s got a pretty big grin on her face for someone who’s about to be called a racist by every single person on the dais. #foreshadowing

Dais member Pete Davidson knows that the best defense is a good offense.

It seems The Wave’s cultural dominion has begun to splash over from Roast Battle. They may not be onstage, but their spirit of mayhem will be in the room tonight.

The King of “Too Soon” himself, Roastmaster General Jeff Ross, has dressed as Prince for the evening. Soon the world will know what it sounds like when stars from the 80s cry.

Look at this obscenely handsome man. We can’t wait for the dais to knock the smile off that infuriatingly flawless face.