Roast of Rob Lowe – Ghosts of Roast Masters Past

David Spade has some big, extremely mean-spirited shoes to fill.

As Roast Master David Spade gears up for a night of good-natured assholery aimed at Rob Lowe and the dais, he might want to find inspiration from his esteemed predecessors. The line between comedy and sadism is about to get blurry.

  • Kevin Hart at the Roast of Justin Bieber

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    At the Roast of Justin Bieber, Kevin Hart defended the pop star’s habit of going shirtless while dressing down the dais for their less-than-perfect physiques. We won’t spoil Hart’s over-the-top Martha Stewart joke, but she probably felt a little less clean afterward.

  • Seth Rogen at the Roast of James Franco

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    Luckily for us, Seth Rogen was more than willing to jeopardize his long-term bromance with James Franco for the sake of a few below-the-belt jabs. From Franco’s unspeakable sexual fantasies to his “awful and borderline-contemptuous performance at the Oscars,” Rogen’s roasting was relentless. But hey — as Rogen reminds him, Franco literally asked for this.

  • Jane Lynch at the Roast of Roseanne Barr

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    Jane Lynch set her sights on Roseanne Barr’s famously bad relationship with Tom Arnold, which apparently marked the starting point of Barr’s glorious conversion to “white trash.” Lynch pulled no punches with the roastee, but she saved the heavy artillery for Arnold and his other big relationship — with cocaine.

  • Seth MacFarlane at the Roast of Donald Trump

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    Three-time Roast Master Seth MacFarlane is a true Renaissance man when it comes to the art of the insult. Take a look at his 2011 takedown of future presidential nominee Donald Trump — well before slamming the mogul became an international pastime — and watch The Orange One turn red.