Roast of Rob Lowe – Inside Mike Lawrence and Earl Skakel’s #LoweRoast Aftershow

Two Roast Battle competitors (and one horrifyingly familiar puppet) aim some barbs at the dais.

If you didn’t get your fill of withering takedowns during the Roast of Rob Lowe, never fear: There’s plenty more where that came from. Roast writer (and Roast Battle champ) Mike Lawrence joined forces with fellow Roast Battler Earl Skakel for a post-show rundown on Facebook Live. We sat down with the pair as they were prepping for the Aftershow.

Comedy Central: Mike, what’s it like to write the Roast and also commentate on it?
Mike Lawrence: It’s cool, you know? I’ve always wanted to write for one of these things. I can’t say I always wanted to do Facebook Live ’cause I didn’t know what that was till they asked me to do it. But I’m glad to be with Earl on the platform that got Chewbacca Mom famous.

So even though this was the Roast of Rob Lowe, it really ended up being more the Roast of Ann Coulter.
ML: It’s cathartic. We have to watch Ann Coulter be Ann Coulter on every other platform, and no one gets to call her what she is. And then just to know that Comedy Central is giving people a platform — that Mexicans and Muslims can watch this and watch her hear all the things they wish they could say to her. It’s actually freeing.

EL: And the worst book plug ever.

Yeah, not to mention the title.
ML: The “E Pluribus Awesome!” is a bit much. But everything with her is a bit much. It’s funny — me and Earl are huge pro wrestling fans, and we hate her; but in reality, she is pro wrestling.

ES: She’s the ultimate heel.

Speaking of Ann, who is this puppet that you guys have?
ML: We’re not legally allowed to refer to it as an Ann Coulter puppet. So we’re just calling her Coultergeist.

ES: It looks more human than she does.

Yeah, watching her reaction shots at the Roast…

ML: They’re all the same. And she looks like she’s crying oil. There’s a blackness to her eyes. The only thing blacker than her eyes are the d**ks that have been in her vagina.

What would you say is the main difference between the real Ann Coulter and the Coultergeist?
ML: This one has an excuse for not being able to smile.

ES: I think the puppet’s more likeable.

ML: The puppet said funny things.

Who was your favorite member of the dais?
ML: Jewel. It’s just random. It’s so weird. It makes no sense, and that’s what makes it make sense. And I love what Rob Riggle’s set became. I think he made something unique.

ES: I just like looking at Pete Davidson. It’s like, what are you? Half man, half horse?

ML: He literally looks like the donkey kids in Pinocchio. And then Jimmy Carr looks like the person that controls them all.

ES: Jimmy’s the best. He’s like Christian Bale in “American Psycho.” No emotion, but then afterwards, he’ll hug you and be super nice and gracious.

You guys were competitors on Roast Battle, but now you’re united.
ML: We have a natural chemistry. I think Earl is amazing. I don’t think the L.A. Roast Battle is what it is without him. He’s the spirit of that show.

ES: And I mean, Mike is an Emmy-nominated writer — that says it all. And Roast Battle in Montreal — he’s the only one who didn’t use writers. And I had more writers than Bon Jovi did on his last album.

This is like the opposite of a Roast right now.
ML: That’s the thing: In the Roast writers’ room, everyone is super nice to each other. ’Cause you can’t be mean to each other and then also be mean on the page. You need some kind of balance to keep you in reality.

ES: You do roast the ones you love. If you roasted someone you hated, it would just be two people s**tting on each other.

ML: And I love Ann Coulter and Peyton Manning.

ES: Well… they deserve it.

Anything else you want to say about the Aftershow?
ES: Tune in for two guys who are not meant for hi-def cameras!

ML: We look like the nephews of the balcony Muppets, if we
judged ourselves instead of Fozzie Bear.

Check out the Aftershow for yourself:

#LoweRoast Aftershow

You want more, you got it. Mike Lawrence and Earl Skakel are live with the #LoweRoast Aftershow.

Meanwhile, get even raunchier with the uncensored version of the Roast:

Posted by Comedy Central on Monday, September 5, 2016