Roast of Rob Lowe – The Six Faces of Ann Coulter

They’re eerily similar.

We don’t want to kick Ann Coulter while she’s down. (And after these burns, believe us, she’s down.) Still, we couldn’t help noticing that her reaction to everyone’s jokes was, um, weirdly consistent. See for yourself.

  • Look 1: The Smiley Terminator

  • Look 2: The “I Don’t Like the Taste of This Food but Am Too Polite to Spit It Out”

  • Look 3: The Short, Halting Breaths

  • Look 4: The Unfazed Husk

  • Look 5: The Scary Tooth Display

  • Look 6: The “I Feel Nothing”

For an especially surreal experience, watch a video of Ann absorbing jokes throughout the night. There’s no verbal punishment she can’t take.–of-ann-coulter—uncensored