Roast of Rob Lowe – Warming Up the Coals

Every barbecue has to start somewhere.

Roasts are hard. They force the dais members to grow a thick skin and sharpen their wit — and as Hollywood celebrities (A.K.A. the Special Ones), they must do what they ordinarily never would: be mean to their fellow man. It’s not the sort of task you can just roll out of bed for.

Thankfully, everyone came prepared. On the red carpet, the dais members got their chance to warm up.—on-the-red-carpet—the-roastmaster-general-arrives
Jeff Ross arrived on the red carpet, as he always does, with a bushel of jokes at the ready. Oh, and dressed like Prince. He doesn’t always arrive in that outfit.—on-the-red-carpet—the-perfect-roast-joke
Before fighting a battle, you must consider your battlefield. Clearly the roasters have surveyed the lay of the land to figure out how best to wage this war of words. If you’ve ever wondered what makes a good Roast joke, these are the people to ask.—on-the-red-carpet—who-s-gonna-kill-
Who will have the best set at the Roast of Rob Lowe? Well, to quote an old advertising slogan, “You’ll just have to watch and see.”—on-the-red-carpet—the-man-of-the-hour
And of course, there’s the man of the hour himself: Rob Lowe. It’s inspiring to see that a man who’s had to endure a lifetime of movie-star looks, success, money and sweet barber hookups has somehow maintained a sense of levity about life. Must’ve been a very rough road.