Roast of Rob Lowe – Shocking, Vulgar and Beyond the Pale

Witness the faces of those who have heard the unthinkable.

Even in the anything-goes context of the Roast, there are some places you just don’t go. This year’s dais members did anyway — and now we all have to live with the resulting discomfort. Marvel at the awkwardness, mortals, and tremble!


The Karate Kid is willing to tolerate a lot of ribbing about him and his friends, but Jimmy Carr’s joke about Patrick Swayze’s death… well, no can defend that.


David Spade may be the sultan of snark, but he was caught off guard by Pete Davidson’s dig about his resemblance to Macaulay Culkin. We imagine he cried at home alone afterwards.


For a self-described polemicist, Ann Coulter had a hard time hiding the rage she felt toward Rob Riggle as he detailed the size and anger of her bush. He’s lucky those eyes only look like they can shoot lasers.

The man of the hour seemed positively scandalized by what came flying his way throughout the night. Let’s watch as that gorgeous face gets a rude awakening.

If you thought Charlie Sheen’s HIV diagnosis was off the table, you weren’t alone. That didn’t stop host David Spade from moving in with a sneak attack.

Just in time for the fifteenth anniversary of one of America’s greatest tragedies, Jimmy Carr’s 9/11 joke swooped in to knock Rob Lowe right off his (probably also handsome) feet.