Trump vs. Clinton: Unpacking the First Debate

See why Trevor Noah called it "the real-life version of Twitter."

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton finally faced off in the first presidential debate of 2016, and things got ugly fast. Ugly and incoherent. Like the moment when Donald Trump implied that Hillary Clinton was only in her mid-twenties or when — actually, just watch Trevor Noah run through it.
Meanwhile, @midnight celebrated the 90s by resurrecting its dial-up internet connection (yeah, that’s how it used to work) and dousing the set in bright colors. And nothing says “90s” quite like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who were in the public eye long before “I Want It That Way” buried itself in our psyches. Watch panelists Margaret Cho, Jaleel White and Emo Philips move beyond the debate and instead toast Donald on Hillary’s behalf — and be grateful that fashion has changed.–hillary–90s-style
The next night, @midnight panelists Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart kept at it by exploring Hillary’s internal monologue during the debate, in which Trump “ranted like a bus station hobo.”
Finally, fact-checking a presidential debate in real time is one of the hardest things a journalist can do. Watch Jordan Klepper’s eye-opening visit with the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler to learn how it goes down. And if you’re wondering whether wooden dolls with dick-noses are involved, yes. Yes, they are.