Trump vs. Clinton: Match of the — Wait, What About Ken Bone?

Enter the Bone Zone.

In a year filled with political bombshells, s**t suddenly went nuclear, thanks to the reveal of Donald Trump’s “grab them by the p***y” tape last week (A.K.A. Pussygate). But that wasn’t the big news out of Sunday night’s presidential debate. Something even more epic happened when a man named Ken Bone asked a perfectly normal question, and social media exploded.

So who is Ken Bone? Chris Hardwick couldn’t resist calling him a “living Christmas album,” whose adorable earnestness managed to melt America’s heart. Watch @midnight panelist Brian Posehn try to solve the mystery behind this man’s internet-breaking red sweater.
One segment dedicated to Ken Bone was not enough for Hardwick, who has declared him an American folk hero. In #HashtagWars, the panelists Danielle Panabaker, Kurt Braunohler and Posehn made up fun “facts” about the internet’s latest darling.–hashtagwars—-kenbonefacts
However, this has been the one of the very few bright spots during a heated election season. And we still need someone to give us the cold, hard facts and analysis from Sunday as well as a deep dive into the Republican Party’s major fallout with Trump resulting from Pussygate. Allow The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah to take you down this dark road.—ygate-scandal
Hmm, we may all want to consider Ken Bone as a write-in candidate.