The Back of the Dave Chappelle Cereal Box

It's a ton of fun at any age!—merchandising
Hey, kids! We here at Comedy Central know that you love Dave Chappelle Cereal. With its THC-infused flakes and tasty marshmallow boobs, who wouldn’t? But why just focus on the cereal when you can get so much more? Flip over the box, and enter a world of branded fun!

The first thing you might notice on the back of the box is the Lil Jon word search. At first, you might think, “That’s easy! The only things you have to find are “YEAAHHHHH!” and “OK!” But what you may have failed to realize is that you also have to find “WHAT?” That’s right. We threw another word in for those of you looking for an extra challenge. You’re welcome.

Below the word search you’ll find a cool, twisty maze. Grab a pen and help Tyrone Biggums find his way to the intervention that he mistook for a free crack giveaway. It won’t be easy, though. Remember when Tyrone screwed over a couple by selling their house and using the money to throw a party? Well, they’re out looking for him, so in this maze — and in life — avoid them at all costs!

If you’re on the hunt for a hot new song to sing at parties or bar mitzvahs, look to the left of the maze for the “Complete the Lyrics” section. Here, you’ll have a blast filling in the lyrics for R. Kelly’s “Piss On You.”

Go ahead and try it for yourself! Fill in the blank below:

Close your eyes
Show me your face
I want to piss ___ it*

Tough, right? So what are you waiting for? Buy a box, grab a pen, and knock yourself out!

* Correct answer: on