An Election Scandal from a More Innocent Time

A fond look back at the "Byaaah!" heard around the world.

The 2016 election will likely go down in history as one of the most contentious and controversial of all time — or at the very least, the only one in which a presidential hopeful saying the phrase “Grab them by the pussy” became an influential factor for voters.

If the current display of dirty democracy is getting you down, journey with us to a time long, long ago — all the way back to 2004, when the craziest thing a presidential candidate did was shout a lot and make a weird noise that may or may not have lost him the Democratic nomination.—uncensored
That’s right: Howard Dean didn’t brag about sexually assaulting women. He didn’t call Mexicans rapists or accuse the sitting president of lying about his birthplace. He didn’t even use the wrong email account for work or stay married to someone who cheated on him. All he did was yell once at a rally, and his microphone picked it up so it sounded really loud on TV.

If Dean had owned his awkward moment, like Chappelle’s Black Howard Dean did, he could have turned his signature “Byaaah!” into a catchphrase and then a hip-hop hit. Instead, he just went back to his home state of Vermont, where he presumably vowed to keep his voice at a low volume for the rest of his life. To honor the snafu that looks positively tame today, let’s all let out a big scream for the most scandalous candidate of the 2004 election.