The 2016 Presidential Election – What The Hell Is Going On?

Time to get out and into the nightmarish fray.

Well, election night in America was a lot like Donald Trump with his oldest daughter: way too close for comfort and a bit scary to witness. If the results and maps and polls tell us anything, though, it’s that our country has never been more divided — or more OK with a lack of properly blended bronzer.

But in times of confusion and disappointment, we shouldn’t just crack open a box of wine and go into a democracy coma for four years.* It’s time to get out there and figure out how we got here.—clinton-and-trump-supporters-find-common-ground
The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper met with voters to see just how separated we are as a nation. And what better way to do that than to play the ice-breaker game (and closing debate question) “Can you say something nice about the other person?” After putting Trump and Clinton supporters to the test, the opposing supporters finally found common ground: the candidates’ hair.–yes–we-can-find-our-keys-
Not everything outside the studio was a combative hellscape where people were pitted against each other. On @midnight, Doug Benson reminds us that down the ballot, several states voted to legalize marijuana. And some of those states have Six Flags theme parks with the good funnel cakes. So while you may not like some of tonight’s results, you can always move to one of these states and legally enjoy getting high and eating fried dough.

*OK, have some boxed wine. You deserve it.