The Orgasmic Delights of a Continental Breakfast Buffet

It’s a cosmopolitan feast for the senses.
Reviewer: CuteAndImmortal

5 stars

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Upon checking into my hotel, I couldn’t believe my ears when the concierge informed me that there was an authentic, free continental European breakfast just in the other room. But indeed, there was. And dear reader, I am here to tell you of its sundry sensual pleasures.

Walking into the dining room, I could hardly believe the incredible international assortment of food on display: the pit of the doughnut, bathed in a Turkish sugar glaze; the baked, Spanish yellow fruit, made all the more luxurious with its bitter, stringy peel; the loops of exotic froot first discovered by Sir William Kellogg.

They even provided a marvelous German contraption that combines the pronged, skewer-like qualities of a fork with the round shape and scooping abilities of a spoon. This “f’poon” is just one of many innovations this extraordinary hotel restaurant offers to travelers lucky enough to venture inside. Come here but once, and you may find yourself returning again and again — or simply never leaving.