Holy S**t, Julia Child Was a Spy?

And you thought she was just a chef.

Pioneering chef and TV star Julia Child may be famous for introducing Americans to French cooking, but did you know she was also a friggin’ spy during World War II?

What’d she do in espionage, exactly? Good question. For one, she improvised a shark repellent for underwater bombs. The secret ingredient: stuff that’s “against blood.”

And like any good spy story, this one has plenty of romance in it. In fact, Julia only ended up becoming a chef because she was crazy horny. (Just go with it.) When she was stationed overseas, she fell head over heels for Paul Child, a tall glass of milk who was both nerdy and ridiculously hot. Paul introduced her to all kinds of fancy foods — he may or may not have told an enthralled Julia, “Yes, bitch, where have you been?” over a meal — and they went on to marry.

The two moved to France, where Julia enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school. There, she honed her craft and became the ass-kickingly talented chef we all know and love.

Julia Child taught an entire generation how to cook, becoming a household fixture across America. And all because she was a World War II spy who fell for a gangly dork. Well done, Julia.